We’ve been playing, but the blog updates are slim. DMM lost our Weds spot at the garage (although I will officially say the option remains open to invade the spot) but no worries, there are at least 4 other parking garages in 3 blocks of the stewart title building. Max will take his precious time and look into a few of these garages tomorrow night and we’ll say for sure weds polo will be going down at 7:45 as usual, but in a different garage. The only way to stay updated is to join the colorado bike polo page on facebook or to get in contact with either rep (Kelli is officially rep, Max will unofficially help with rep until he leaves in May).

SATURDAY we’re looking at playing at dover hockey rink, or Harlan’s boarded (and gravel filled) court. We received a complaint about playing at congress and unless we can verify at least 7 people trying to play saturday on the facebook page, then we won’t bother.

Sunday is probably going to be in Boulder at the court on violet/broadway.

3 2 1!!!

PO Denver Bike LO

This is how we looked after winning the cup after two well fought games with Springs.
Max/Scooter/Andy helped decide the championship with a solid 4-3 game for the win. Congrats to the winners!

This Weds, we’ll be playing in the usual garage spot by 7:45pm

Saturday at congress park by 1pm.

Congrats to b-cycle for launching again, and also, DAMN YOU, FOR STEALING OUR ******* polo players!!!!

We have a few events coming up. Next Sunday, there’s a 2v2 tournament in Boulder. 10 dollar registration. Then, Little Rock tournament is the 25th of march.

There are also other events planned for april. but until then, you’ll just have to show up to polo to know better

3 2 1….!

Denver Mallet Mafia Rolls On…

Another great weekend of polo at Congress park, followed by a unique Sunday meeting in Castlerock where Denver reclaimed the Colorado Cup.

And then Weds at 7:45pm at Stewart Title, we’ll be playing polo into the wee hours.

Saturday at 1:00pm we’re gonna be at Congress Park playing.

Hope the weather warms up and quickly! Until then, keep riding your bike and working on mallets!

3 2 1 !!

Triple Trouble

Hardcourt Bike Polo has never been more fun than this winter/spring. That’s why this week we’re bringing the triple installment of polo.

Tuesday– We’re looking at playing at the garage on Tuesday at 7:45pm. 50 S. Steele, 2nd level down.

Weds — Same time, Same place.

Sat – Congress park, 1:00pm.

3 2 1………polo!

I’m a Bike Polo Believer

Hey peeps,
Denver Bike Polo
AkA Maxxx the JAHG-WOLF!
is proud to bring you
(50 s. steele) Stewart Title Building

at Congress Park (800 Josephine St) In the tennis courts.
@1:00pm S H A R P.

And PleAsE FoR TheE LoVE ofF GAwD StOP HAcKINg MY MaLLet BrAnDown!


Weds Night Polo in Stewart Title Building at 7:45pm

Saturday Afternoon polo at Congress park and maybe Sunday in Boulder. Stay tuned. . .

Jah says play p-lo

Legit bike polo will always be played in Denver. We have not updated this page as often because we’re utilizing a facebook group to make colorado bike polo EVEN MORE CONNECTED!! So, if you have a facebook acct and if you search Colorado Bike Polo in groups, you should find our group and you can get even faster updates on our updates.

But here’s the schedule for the upcoming weekend. We have a rare weekend with two straight days of polo!
Saturday — Congress Park at 12:30pm. We may have to shovel more. but that’s just cross training for polo, right?

Sunday — Boulder Polo @ Foothills Community Park on Violet and Broadway (turn left on violet)– We may have to shovel even more, but that’s just cross training right? We play by 1pm in Boulder so show up by 12:45 ish….