Player Profiles


He is

Age: One year shy of a quarter century

Why scooter? is that your real name?
Scooter is my real name, unless you ask the nuns that put Scott on my birth certificate because Scooter wasn’t Catholic enough. My parents named me Scooter before I was even born.
Tell us about how you use to fall all the time, and now you dont?
What? I never fall, i use lefty magic to levitate.
If you had to choose sk8ting or polo witch one and why?
SKATEBOARD! skateboarding is like a wife that let’s me have a mistress, and polo is my mistress… me & skating will never part because we have too much history and some good looking children. but polo is so hott i can’t keep my hands off her, though maybe its too soon to tell if she’s worth keeping around.
Do you have any “Lucky” Things for polo?
Who needs luck when you got skills? I have a Where The Wild Things Are hood ornament, but its more bad-ass than lucky i think.
Why are you left handed?
It’s not just an old wive’s tail… I am left handed because I am possessed by the Devil.


Name: Brandon “DSRN” Carter


How long been playing in the mallet mafia:
March 09 or some shit

What is your favorite move on the hardcourt?
When you pass the ball under someones BB and sprint past them, while looking cool calm and collected, and score a goal.

What does your girlfriend think about your obsession with bike polo?
She supportive because I am not out there smoking crack. But at the same time I know that she wishes that she doesn’t become a polo widow.

What do you enjoy most about polo?
hitting a ball with a stick.

What are you doing when your not playing polo?
Try not to think about polo, try to get everyone i have ever met to play polo with us

Name: Jeff Left (cuz I aint right)

Age: old as dirt!

How long been playing in the mallet mafia/polo:
I’ve been playin polo since April of ’08 and been a part of La Cosa Nostra since August of ‘09

Tell us about your bike?
I ride a Fuji Track w/ a 26” BMX fork. 48h Chukkers and an MKE Pologuard. 35×20 freewheel with a rear brake. I started out on a Schwinn Sprint conversion. That was my daily rider. 46×17 fixed/brakeless. After a few months, I decided to make that bike my polo bike, and build a true track bike. Well, over time, I started robbing my track to upgrade my polo bike. I feel like my polo bike has to perform harder then any other bike I own, you know what I’m sayin?! But I think this one is done….. yeah right

How has your transition been from SRQ to DMM?
All and all it’s been good. I think it’s kickass that we have 3 hockey rinks all within a half hours drive! Kids don’t play hockey in Florida. But I think that’s been the biggest transition, goin from playin fixed on a short court, to playin freewheel on these long ass rinks. But I love all you kids here, you guys rock a llama’s ass!

Other hobbies besides polo?

Funny story from the hardcourt?
We were about to start a new game, all lined up and ready to joust, when my teammate thought I’d be funny to fuck with our opponents. All 3 of us were gonna charge the ball and instead of me breakin left, I would cut right. Why we thought this would be funny, I don’t know. (I think there were way too many beers involved) Well, I didn’t think about the fact that my opponent was right handed and would be cutting the same way. Needless to say, we collided head first at full sprint, completely tacoing both our wheels and bruising a few ribs. But really, the funny part of the story is, the dude that had the bright idea, loaned me that front wheel earlier that day. ha!

Name: Adam
Age: 27

Fixed vs. Singlespeed, who wins: What game you playing? freewheel for polo, fixed gear for… trackstanding?

What inspired you to start hardcourt bike polo in Denver: On a visit to LA I saw Joker playing and wondered why nobody was doing this in Denver. The only way for me to play polo in Denver was to make a ton of mallets and bring the people together, so thats what i did. 1 person showed up for the first game, now we have a steady group, that come out twice a week.

What is your favorite move, bottom bracket/ball joint/slapshots:
1 timers off a perfectly placed pass.

Favorite polo player: Mike the Butcher from DC. he’s a super cool guy, mellow, but plays polo like his life is on the line.

Do you think girls should play with an all female team or boys/girls team: As long as the skill level is consistent with the other players on the team, mixed is fine. On the same token, has has a mixed team ever won a tourny?

Have you made new friends through polo: yes, i have definetly met some really interesting people.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to travel for a polo tournament, where would it be: Any war torn country, I always wanted to dodge bullets while riding my bike.

Favorite beer: zima with a strawberry jolly rancher

Name: Ryan “Quazi” Stephan
Age: 22
How long been playing in the mallet mafia: Not sure actually.

How did you become such a badass goalie? It just came naturally.

If you could travel anywhere for a tournament, where would it be, and what 2 other players would you have on your team?
I’d like to travel to L.A. It’s where I’m from, Vegas would be fun too, and as for my team I’d ideally like to have someone who can come close to my goalie skills and someone who has good defensive and passing game.

What do you enjoy most about polo? I like when games get real intense, and wheelie goals are always good too. It’s always fun when people get frustrated when they can’t get a shot passed me, at least for me it is.

I see you rock bullhorns at polo, why?
I like bullhorns better than other bars and I also don’t have a polo specific bike, yet. I just play on my track bike, it works pretty good I think, but I’ll let you guys decide.

Name: Rahja (ra-sha) is how you say it! So get it right!

Age: 19 almost 20!

Bike/gearing/brakes?: fixed baby, 42×16 ratio, brakeless

How long playing polo/how long been playing in the mallet mafia: Since the beginning of the mafia

What’s your polo strength? Defense, offense, etc?
Breakaways, passing, aggressiveness, ball bashing

Favorite polo player? Adam, especially when his shirt is off

Furthest you have traveled for a tournament? Austin, Texas

What does bike polo mean to you? It means a lot to me! It pulled me out of a hard time in my life and showed me how to have fun again. Not to mention, I have met some real great people through bike polo!

What do you do when your not kicking ass on the hardcourt? Mashing through Denver to go hang with pals, getting artsy, smoking cigarettes and sipping on brew, cooking Russian foods, cutting hair, jamin out to that good ol rock n roll, livin’ easy.


Name: Max D
Age: 24.1

League of Bike Polo profile: DenverFetish Profile

Bike/gearing/brakes: KHS Soft-tail 26’er. Bashguard is a primary feature of the drivetrain and the frame is steel. Avid V-Brakes and a gear that ranges depending on court size and and tires that I may never change.

How long playing polo/how long been playing in the mallet mafia: Been playing polo since the beginning of the Mallet Mafia and that’s pretty much when I started. 1 year now!

Next tourney you’re planning on attending: Milwaukee Midwests in May.

What’s your polo strength? Defense, offense, etc: I’m quirky/random so I like to do a little bit of everything. My polo strength should be how I GET INTO YOUR HEAD SUCKA!!!!

Favorite polo player: Now that I’ve had a year to think about this question, I think Mini-Mike from Phoenix or Pistolero from Los Angeles are my favorite players.

Beer or liquor: Beer when we’re not at 13th and Emerson. Liquor at 13th and Emerson. It is just so much easier to conceal.

Name: Austin Minney… aka Austin Deathaustin death

Age: 21


Windsor Clockwork/fixed fixed hub with 46/15 and 46/17/Brake-free!

How long playing polo/how long been playing in the mallet mafia:

I started playing from the commencement of mallet mafia.

How long you lived in Denver?

Born and raised!

Why you play polo on your bike?

Why not! Its something else that you can have fun doing on your bike which is already fun to ride.

Funny bike story:

I have too many… All I know is don’t follow closely behind buses, cause they stop fast, especially with 4 people following right behind you. Also Biking without sleep for almost 36 hours is a bad bad decision hahaha.

Interested in traveling to national bike polo tourneys?

Of course!

Your take on where the sport is going:

I’m thinking bike polo could turn into a huge sport due to its ease to learn, and the amount of fun achievable by all skill levels. Hopefully we can get a lot more riders involved, and put Denver on the map for some epic bike polo tournaments.


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