Denver Mallet Mafia (and a friday garage sess)

The DPI 3 (desert polo invite) in Tempe, AZ, went along well. Everyone made it. Fresh off the Couch(george, nic, scooter) went 3-1 on the first day and So did Cheap Shots(Jeff, Jared, Kelli). Beginner’s luck (max, joe, mike)went 2-2.

Double elimination day: Cheap shots crack the top 12, Beginner’s luck and Fresh off the couch place somewhere beneath that.

All in all quite an experience. We had 4 colorado teams (duncan, eric and nic formed the boulder team) and all of them did well in their showing. We matched the intensity and skill of various clubs like SF, LA, and of course ABQQ.

So congrats to everyone who participated.

The next big tournament will be the Little rock South central championships. Polo High (George, Adam Smith, and Nic) as well as Poloment Funkadelic (Max, Scooter, Cherri) will be participating there. Wish them luck!

And for Friday, Duncan from Boulder has kindly insisted on playing in the parking garage (50 s steele) at stewart title Friday Night at 7:30 pm show up for a night of cold cold polo…



Wednesday Dungeon/Garage session

8pm Stewart title
3 2 1!!!

Saturday polo 1pm at congress park

count it!
DMM polo!

ST Louis 24 lock in

This is a quick video that Brandon made, he thinks it is sweet! and you might agree…

STL Lock-In 2011 from brandon carter on Vimeo.

This is why we play polo. count it

3 2 1!!!

Time is ticking on the Southwest Regional NAHBPC tournament in Tempe, Arizona (Courtesy of the Phoenix Bike Polo club) and we’ll soon be travelling there for some desert showdowns! Keep an eye and an ear, and another eye, also the other ear; keep them tuned to our every word. on. this. blog.

Wednesday Polo in the Garage

50 S. Steele St at the Stewart Title Parking Garage (2nd Level) we’ll have our Wednesday games.

And the word is we’re playing Saturday in Boulder at the foothills community hockey rink again.

3 2 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mussolini Vs Stalin Bike Polo (and weekend polo plans)

Saturday we’re gonna play at congress park polo courts at around 12 pm

3 2 1!!!!!!!!!