We’ve been playing, but the blog updates are slim. DMM lost our Weds spot at the garage (although I will officially say the option remains open to invade the spot) but no worries, there are at least 4 other parking garages in 3 blocks of the stewart title building. Max will take his precious time and look into a few of these garages tomorrow night and we’ll say for sure weds polo will be going down at 7:45 as usual, but in a different garage. The only way to stay updated is to join the colorado bike polo page on facebook or to get in contact with either rep (Kelli is officially rep, Max will unofficially help with rep until he leaves in May).

SATURDAY we’re looking at playing at dover hockey rink, or Harlan’s boarded (and gravel filled) court. We received a complaint about playing at congress and unless we can verify at least 7 people trying to play saturday on the facebook page, then we won’t bother.

Sunday is probably going to be in Boulder at the court on violet/broadway.

3 2 1!!!


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One response to “Update!

  • scooter

    may i ask how you found out about said complaint at congress? or are you just referring to the people bitching about 4 bike polo people taking up two tennis courts that 4 tennis people wanted… i will say it again, if you like and want to keep something, you’re going to have to fight for it sometimes.

    but i also like dover, as long as those fucking hockey players don’t fuck with us… then what’s the difference between that and congress?

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