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Back in Purple, 3 0 3 Bike Polo!

We’re gonna play this upcoming sunday (NOV the 7th) here in Denver at the tennis courts in Congress Park at 1:00pm Sharp!

Ka kawwww

.edit. The color of the page, layout of some photos, and a new page (bike polo and general rules to play by) have all been added. feedback is helpful.


Sunday Bike Polo

come play bike polo with us on sunday starting at 1:00pm
We will be at Congress Park at the Tennis courts just west of 9th and Detroit.
2 courts available
Games are first to five (no time limit).
a bike can be provided if you comment in advance

This IS the last day you can play with Quazi (he’s moving to sacramento) and Scooter/Max will be gone to Austin next weekend so there will most likely not be any bike polo until sometime in November….

So show up or miss out.

Fall Polo

Well, Sunday polo was a blast! We got Lucky from St. Louis to ride a bike and play some great games of polo with us. Scooter and Max agree that St. Louis is one fun club to play with and if you missed out, well, you missed out. Anyways, Lucky, tell them back home that we love love love your club and wish you best of luck. We’re looking forward to any Denver/St. Louis matchups in future tournaments and wish St. Louis good luck in the 1st Midwest Open. 3 2 1!!

Polo Schedule
This week we will be playing at 8th and Detroit (Congress Park Tennis Courts) on Tuesday the 19th at 6:00pm. The sun has been going down before 8 but there are lights so show up early and play late!

Then next Sunday the 24th of October, we’ll play at Congress park again. 1:00pm sharp!

Please leave a comment if you need polo equipment (mallet material) or a polo bike (There is a polo bike that’s for sale through our club and it needs a bit of work but is more or less ready to ride after a few adjustments).

Well, that’s all for now.

Sunday Bike Polo Madness! 2 courts!

This upcoming Sunday the 17th we’re playing at Congress Park (8th and Detroit). We will bring some boards and take over some courts as EARLY as 11:30 AM! Cones will be in effect and if we’re LUCKY we can operate TWO courts at ONCE! (Which means we can accommodate 12 players playing polo at once!)

Side note: We have very little history of playing at Congress Park so we strongly suggest to be courteous to the tennis players but firm on playing there (bike polo is recreational, just like tennis, except way fucking cooler .) Remember, we can play there because less than a quarter of a mile to the north is City Park where there are 20-30 tennis courts.

So bring everyone who can play!

3 2 1…

Google map: the courts we’re playing at are the bottom two ones

Bike Polo, Should We Play It?

Bad News Everybody, Nobody Plays Bike Polo Except BrickYard And We Are Moving Out Of State In The Next Few Months And We Ain’t Never Coming Back. We Have A Spot For Bike Polo, A Web Page, And Even A Black Dude, And We Schedule Polo Weeks In Advance But Nobody Shows Up Except BrickYard And A Few Irregulars So Answer This Poll Below…


Sunday Polo

Boulder Colorado
Foothills Park (violet and broadway intersections, google map it)
Play by 1:00pm

Denver Bike Polo in October

So we just got back from Kansas and it was extremely fun and friendly to have played in Lawrence with the Scary Larry Bike Polo club as well as a few others like the Austin club, the Tulsa Club and the Columbia Missouri Club.

The schedule for Denver Bike Polo this week is simple

Wednesday at 6:00pm: We’ll be playing at Congress Park at about 8th and Detroit. If you are unsure where the park is, check the google map in the post just before this one.

Thursday at 6:00pm: Same spot, same time, Different days.

Anyone is encouraged to show up both days and in fact since we have lights now, we can play pickup at this spot til we are content.

Content like Quazi in this picture below….