Jah says play p-lo

Legit bike polo will always be played in Denver. We have not updated this page as often because we’re utilizing a facebook group to make colorado bike polo EVEN MORE CONNECTED!! So, if you have a facebook acct and if you search Colorado Bike Polo in groups, you should find our group and you can get even faster updates on our updates.

But here’s the schedule for the upcoming weekend. We have a rare weekend with two straight days of polo!
Saturday — Congress Park at 12:30pm. We may have to shovel more. but that’s just cross training for polo, right?

Sunday — Boulder Polo @ Foothills Community Park on Violet and Broadway (turn left on violet)– We may have to shovel even more, but that’s just cross training right? We play by 1pm in Boulder so show up by 12:45 ish….


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We play Hardcourt Bicycle Polo in Denver, Colorado. This is our web page for scheduling the game of bicycle polo in Denver for Denverites and also any other poloists/istas from across the country. View all posts by denvermalletmafia

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