Here we go again — Night Time P-Lo in the Garage

And so we begin our nightly winter polo games again.

The Stewart Title Building in Cherry Creek on 1st and Steele (2nd and steele is closer to the garage side we’ll be playing at) is where the scene will be set.
We will play Thursday night with the option open for friday night (discuss at thursday) at 8:00 PM at the Stewart Title Parking Garage inside the Second basement Level.
Side note: The garage is sealed to cars going in, we have no idea why but checking it out later tonight and see what is going on. Negative side: we may not be able to play due to some unforseen circumstances. Positive side: we can play and there will be no cars.



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6 responses to “Here we go again — Night Time P-Lo in the Garage

  • max

    Note, basement is now open to cars, drive down if you’d like.

    on a side note, Happy birthday to jeff left

  • Cameo

    this is awesome. we play in a semi-underground parking garage through the winters in Nanaimo. it stays warmer, no wind, and we’ve developed a good relationship with the security guards and local police. the winter has barely hindered our games. good luck to you.

    • denvermalletmafia

      yep, ours is deep underground, 2 levels deep, with a smooth surface for great skidding as well as plenty of space. just trying to make sure the ball doesn’t go too far out of bounds.

  • denvermalletmafia

    games were played! fun was had! and people went home happy. why weren’t you there?

  • Andy

    Are you guys playing again tonight?

    • denvermalletmafia

      just approved you for more commenting andy. we’ll try to schedule more night games in the garage.

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