Sunday Bike Polo Madness! 2 courts!

This upcoming Sunday the 17th we’re playing at Congress Park (8th and Detroit). We will bring some boards and take over some courts as EARLY as 11:30 AM! Cones will be in effect and if we’re LUCKY we can operate TWO courts at ONCE! (Which means we can accommodate 12 players playing polo at once!)

Side note: We have very little history of playing at Congress Park so we strongly suggest to be courteous to the tennis players but firm on playing there (bike polo is recreational, just like tennis, except way fucking cooler .) Remember, we can play there because less than a quarter of a mile to the north is City Park where there are 20-30 tennis courts.

So bring everyone who can play!

3 2 1…

Google map: the courts we’re playing at are the bottom two ones


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