Bike Polo, Should We Play It?

Bad News Everybody, Nobody Plays Bike Polo Except BrickYard And We Are Moving Out Of State In The Next Few Months And We Ain’t Never Coming Back. We Have A Spot For Bike Polo, A Web Page, And Even A Black Dude, And We Schedule Polo Weeks In Advance But Nobody Shows Up Except BrickYard And A Few Irregulars So Answer This Poll Below…



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We play Hardcourt Bicycle Polo in Denver, Colorado. This is our web page for scheduling the game of bicycle polo in Denver for Denverites and also any other poloists/istas from across the country. View all posts by denvermalletmafia

11 responses to “Bike Polo, Should We Play It?

  • Lucky

    It better freakin’ exist. Otherwise I will have to spend all of next Sunday with my family while I’m in town. I’m counting on you guys for a drama free few hours during my trip. Don’t let me down!

    St Louis Bike Polo

    • Quaz Dawg

      If you’re down to come to Boulder with us Sunday there will for sure be polo. It’s about a 30-45 minute drive depending on how fast you go, or you can hitch a ride with one of us. As you can tell by the post, polo is hit or miss around these parts, we have to travel elsewhere to play, and sometimes it’s just for two on two…

  • Sven

    Maybe don’t isolate yourselves into a “brickyard crew” vs “everyone else who sucks cause they never show up to polo crew”.

    • max

      Maybe you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Quaz Dawg

        I don’t think we isolate ourselves, it’s just that we (Myself, Max and Scooter) are the only players that religiously show up to polo, even if it ends up being one on one. The majority of Brickyard is moving out of state soon with the rest shortly after and when that happens Denver polo will be a memory, vague and fading slow. It’s not much of a scene right now, aside from us, two or three people show fairly regularly and the rest are once a monthers if not longer. Denver just needs a fire lit under it’s ass, cause when we leave it’s polo is going to take a crushing blow…

  • Duncan

    Such a drama queen… More people will play when the weather worsens. I couldn’t pass up fishing/bouldering/hiking/camping the last 4 weeks cuz it’s been FUGGING INCREDIBLE weather in Colorado the last month. But my polo blood is simmering and threatens to boil over if I don’t play soon.

  • adam

    everyone loves polo, have you ever thought… maybe its me?

    • Quaz Dawg

      Everyone should love polo, but love alone ain’t gonna keep it alive now is it?

      • max

        love is nice, but dedication to showing up every single night is gonna keep it alive.

        this post is meant to make everyone more dedicated. brandon got in a ruffle about it and told me it’s gonna give off the wrong vibe. when the poll is done and over with, there better be 100 votes saying YES.

  • adam

    shit how do you think i feel!! there isn’t a polo playing person within 500 miles of me up here in North Dakota!!

  • adam

    haha, most the people that look at this website dont live in denver max. results could be a bit skewed. www = world wide web

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