Denver Cycle Polo Resumes…

Max and Scooter got back from Seattle and East Vancouver and have lots of polo loving goodness to spread. Although, we are now officially down one player for a while as Cherri is taking an awesome tour on her bike around the north west region and into the states for the next few month. But when there is polo, there will be POLOISTS! and POLO-ISTAS!

So here is your schedule to for Denver Bike Polo.

Thursday(oh yeah that’s today, sorry for the slow update scooter)– We are playing at 18th and Harlan at around 6:00 pm. We’ll be trying to clean up Harlan just before we play on it! so count on helping us out a bit!

Friday the 24th: 18th and Harlan again, 5:00pm is a quick estimate of what time we’ll be there.

Sunday the 26th: Let us congregate to the hockey rink on the streets of Dover and Colfax (See: Whitlock Rec Center Hockey Rink) if we can get some, or all, of our locals out (Anna, Brandon, Brent, Ben, Dave, Jeff Left, Deuce, Austin). We may even have a MALLET BUILDING PARTY at the hockey rink so all the more reason to join us if you are new to bicycle polo and would like to join us on a weekly basis with your own bike and your own mallet.

Side notes of interesting news:
This club is always looking for good spots to play bike polo within the vicinity of cap hill, downtown and even five points. We also have a sure thing with the spot on 18th and Harlan. But please leave a comment if you think there is a nice spot somewhere in Denver that is about 150×50 feet or so.

We no longer have a Wednesday night of Bike Polo. It just wasn’t working out because nobody was turning out and I’d love to know any reasons WHY? Civic Center is a mediocre spot for polo but it is in downtown and very accessible to play at. If you think Thursdays or Fridays would be fun days to play at Civic Center Amphitheatre, leave a comment!

Max met plenty of dopplegangers in Seattle– Paul from NOLA looked eerily alike to him, Zach from Olympia also had a very similar look that made you go “hmm, are they brothers?”. Pictures will be coming on this bit of news on Saturday (as well as a possible update to polo being here or in Boulder.)

3 2 1…. GO!


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