Polo Bordello!

Lots of Bicycle Excitement this week!

First, your polo schedule

Wednesday the 1st of September: 5:45pm polo at civic center amphitheatre. This spot has a lot of promise, deal with the bumpy balls, shoot some big fat juicy goals. Katie(the photographer from sunday) may come by for some more photos. She needs portrait/detail shots so wear your cool clothing and add some detail to your bike. Except Max shouldn’t put stickers on his bike…..

Thursday the 2nd: We are looking at a change this week, we’ll try to play at Dover by 6:30pm. This is largely Dependant on A) how many people wanna travel to the hockey rink to play B) how many people want to play somewhere else instead [I fully support 18th/ harlan, or another night at civic center, I think we need to stay local and get everyone a chance to just practice/have fun before sunday].

Friday: Last two fridays have been a bust, comment if you wanna play and we can throw it together, otherwise enjoy your friday, hey I also think boulder does their polo on friday so maybe that’s the plan? let your voice be heard, we could carpool.

Saturday: Artcrank, maybe some improvised polo plans but just check out art crank at the lisa kowalski gallery. lots of posters and bike fiends. maybe if enough of us get together there we can start a polo game in the gallery and destroy everything and…. no that’s a bad idea. let’s just have fun!

Sunday: Colfax and Dover rec center hockey rink polo. Drop a line if you wanna carpool otherwise count on showing up before or at 1:30pm. bring beer, lunch, sunscreen, coozies, whatever you want. it’ll be a hot day of excellent and epic polo!

On another note, Next friday will be the opening of the bicycle film festival and Mallet Mafia will be valeting bikes on 6 bike denver stands (thanks ben!!) while the films go on. We have volunteers, but now we need to decide what times we can do it. This film festival happens at the Starz Film Center on Auraria Campus in the Tivoli building…

Right now the times are all open, they look like this

Friday, September 10: (Show up at 6:00pm)
7pm screening: Open
9PM screening: Open
Estimate time: 6-11:30PM with set up/breakdown
4 people max (avg 3 hours each)

Saturday, September 11:
3pm: Open
5pm: Open
7pm: Open
9PM: Open
Estimate time: 2pm-11:30PM with set up/breakdown
6 people max (avg 3 hours each)

Basically, you work a shift, and you get to watch a movie for free. Saturday we will still participate in the tour de fat ride which starts at 9 and then the first volunteers will have to be at the theatre at 2pm.

There should be enough of us there at all times that we A) ensure the safety of bicycles B) promote our club, sport, and ask for donations (which we’ll have to come to a consensus about how to use it for) C)have a good time without anyone feeling alone!!!


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