Summer’s almost gone, get your Polo on!

First person to get these handlebars will get a free beer at polo. You will also be mercilessly heckled.

News: Birdseye and his wife are on a great western adventure and will be in Boulder, CO for Thursday and Friday this week.

With that… Your polo schedule for this week of August 22nd to the 29th:

Wednesday the 25th: 5:45pm Polo at Civic Center. Big Fat Juicy Goals for your casual game lovings. Then the Cruiser Ride meets at Brooklyns and the theme this week is… United Nations. I can sense it will be great.

Thursday the 26th: Boulder Polo in effect around 4:00pm maybe sooner. Car pools will be arranged and we’ll get to play and chill with birdseye at the boulder courts.

Friday the 27th: I have a feeling we can get some games going on at Dover street polo court for sure. From 6:00 PM til dark, count it!

Stay posted for a friday/saturday update on polo this upcoming Sunday.

On another side note, our club was chosen to valet for the bike film festival on September 10th and 11th. Currently working on getting the bike stands for our set up but what we need is people who want to help park bikes for those who are showing up to watch the bike films and hand out flyers for our club as well as ask for donations towards the club. We’ll get in touch by Wednesday and while you are online reading this, go to bike film festival’s webpage for Denver and look at some of the programs you will be able to see in return for valeting some bikes during another program.

That’s it for now, leave a comment and let your voice be heard amongst the mallet mafia.

3 0 3 POLO!


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One response to “Summer’s almost gone, get your Polo on!

  • action pat

    i just rode into town from dc, is there an address for this fridays games? anyone have an extra mallet?

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