Bike polo for the Denver Locals


The guy above is actually out of town right now, but we’re thinking of you Brent, and Adam, and Brandon and Dave! All of you guys that are out of town, we wish you a speedy return to our fair city to play some bicycle polo.

So here’s our weekly schedule, not much different than last week!

Wednesday the 18th of August at 5:45pm: We meet at Civic Center Amphitheater(on the corner of 14th and bannock, just head towards the seating area for civic center) for some CASUAL polo! This polo can be found only once a week before we start getting faster and better for the rest of the week. So, join us at civic center with a bike and laughter. We may even have some beer. Don’t forget, the cruiser ride is afterwards and this week the theme is Golf Pros and Tennis Ho’s….

Thursday the 19th of Aug: 18th and Harlan Hardcourt polo at 5:30pm. The sun has been going down lately at 8:45pm so we may have to start scheduling these days earlier! This day is for better competition, though newbies who are prepared to battle are still welcome.

Friday the 20th of Aug: Colfax and Dover Rec center Hockey rink polo at 5:45pm. This spot is our favorite spot and we hope anyone who wants to play hard, play fast, and play A level polo will show up and bring their skills.

Times to be determined
Sunday the 22nd: Dover rink polo at 1:30pm til dark. This court has been all to ourselves lately so the more the merrier. Of course, I’m sure there are some people who may want to play in boulder then go tubing/wading/drinking booze in a river instead so if that’s you then please leave a comment.

As a side note to all members of the Denver Mallet Mafia… we need to elect a new club rep come the first weekend of September. It’s important that our club rep is someone everyone knows (inside and outside of the polo-verse) and is willing to work for the club. Our last rep, Adam, is basically a legend. He’s also been out of town so much that we need someone who can fill his shoes. That said, start the talk like in Survivor, or in LOST, and see who will become the next Jacob, I mean, Adam, I mean, Club Rep. Note there will be a poll on this for the first weekend of September on the 3rd, 4th and 5th and hopefully we can reach a consensus about our new rep. And his/her job. Who knows, we might even elect more than 1 rep just because we are such a cool club it’s hard to just give one person the job.



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10 responses to “Bike polo for the Denver Locals

  • max

    oh yeah and at 6 pm salvagettis is having free drinks at a party they are holding so I may do that for sure

  • Ryan "Deux"

    Sorry, I haven’t been able to make it out this week. I will be able to play Sunday the 22nd and I vote Dover. I probably bring a couple of others with me.

  • scooter

    i’d like to go to Boulder on sunday…

    but maybe Boulder and Springs should come to Dover and we’ll get some good ol’ fashioned CO cup action at a sweet midway point!

    • max

      x2 I think buolo will be on for sunday. count it!

      no cherri though. I cry for my third teammate whom I never see.

  • adam sampson

    I vote max!!! As of right now the most dedicated player in the club. And good scheduling of games n shit. Sad to step down from this role but it was a great couple years and it has been very rewarding for me to see the club grow from a fetus to the full grown adult it is now. I feel I need to make one last blog post spilling my emo guts. I guess ill do that soon.

  • Cherri

    Nick texted me that boulder polo is on for Sunday, but its true I won’t be able to make it 😦 sorry team bad horse, work hates me right now.

    I will have this upcoming wed 8/25 and thurs 8/26 and fri 8/27 off and free. Also have sunday 8/29 open. please please please can we play in boulder that Sunday? or Dover?

    On 8/26 and 8/27 there are two new yorkers coming to Boulder, I think it’d be cool if we could get a couple of us to carpool over there for an afternoon game. I texted Nick about it, but he hasn’t looked at the .com thread (Great Westerly Adventure/Birdseye), so I’ll see if I can’t figure out whats the best time for him/them.

    And then after that week, Tucker from Chicago is coming into Colorado Springs Oct 31-3 and then coming to Denver for the weekend. So if we could maybe get a carpool out to the springs for an afternoon game maybe? and then organize a Denver polo that Sunday as he flies out of Denver Sunday night.. maybe Boulder? I’d have to see what his flight ticket time is.

  • max

    there is a lot of interest from our locals in keeping sunday polo local at dover street. I am gonna rescind my x2 on scooters comment for buolo and just say we can play at dover and expect about 6 players min.

    • scooter

      I’m going to Boulder tomorrow/today (Sunday).

      i am sorry in advance to the Denver players staying in town, but foothills community park is getting polo’d, and the Springs will be there… and i thirst for one delight at every sunday polo. COLORADO CUP ! action.

      please join me. 1pm. jagwolves all…

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