Bike Polo For Ya’ll!

Howdy, Denver!

Just a quick piece of news, if you look at the wikipedia on hardcourt bike polo you will see Denver Mallet Mafia in the external links. Nice to know if we blow up we can thank Wikipedia.

And onto our schedule

Wednesday the 11th at 5:45pm we’ll meet up at Civic Center’s Amphitheater for some casual games then launch to the cruiser ride around 7:30-8:00pm. The theme this week for the cruiser ride is Saints and Sinners. Kind of hoping there’s no construction vehicles in the way at civic center but even if there is, you show up, we’ll play 2v2 or even 3v3.

For Thursday and Friday, please comment if you want to play at Dover hockey rink instead.

Thursday the 12th at 6:00pm we’ll be going to our permanent spot @ 18th and Harlan . Note to self: bring a broom or a huge brush and we can push some of the debris out of the way.

Friday the 13th….oh man, friday the 13th?! We gotta play some LUCKY polo today! Well, some people might be superstitious (Cherri for example) but we’ll try to organize some play at Dover Hockey Rink. Please comment and we’ll act accordingly.

edit x2Saturday and Sunday – Aug 14 & 15, we’re considering playing somewhere casual on saturday so we can swim at a swimming pool after breaking a sweat and then playing at dover on Sunday. We’ll figure it out weds at polo



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10 responses to “Bike Polo For Ya’ll!

  • Ryan "Deuce"

    I’ll definitely be there Wed., hopefully with a couple of others!

  • scooter

    Saturday and Sunday – Aug 14 & 15, were supposed to be FTWs in Boulder… why isn’t this posted as our weekend? I took both days off of work for this very reason.

    unless you’re absolutely positive we can play at Dover and get Boulder and Springs to come to Denver on sunday, we should plan on doing Boulder Sunday… I want to be sure I get to polo this weekend til my pedals come off!

    So! there WILL be polo this weekend! where should it go down? Boulder? Dover? Harlan? let’s get some feedback on this please!

    unless the rink at Dover is for certain, I declare a polo day beneath the flatirons in Boulder! we’ll make our own FTW, maybe just a glorified Colorado Cup contest… but awesome all the same.

    polo weekend = 2 days of Dover / or Boulder… or one of each?!
    POLO or DEATH! i want to hear from you DMM! i want to hear from you…

  • Cherri

    edit this post again. got word back from nick, unexpected work trip is going to take him out of town this weekend and sam is gone too.

    I’m all about Boulder, but we could also have a rad weekend here at the home courts.

    where was that court out on 60th? with the nearby pool…

    if we’re voting I say Harlan on Saturday, and 60th if possible on Sunday an’ we’ll spread ze word.

    Wednesday I can do Civic Center.. but would also like to bring up 8th and Broadway.. lets play there either this wed or sometime next week and see how it goes. Guerilla Polo FTW.

    on Thursday I’m down for Harlan.

    I have Friday off, but I might skip on polo. also Max, pictures really do steal your souls, not superstition!

    and then yeah, where ever in Den or Boulder on Sat and Sun.

  • max

    Scooter took the weekend off for a tournament that won’t happen. bummer.

    As far as swimming pools go, we don’t have to go to 60th to play polo next to a swimming pool. We could guerilla up the 32nd and Arapahoe court on saturday then swim at the pool next to it (it even has a slide) and hit up dover on sunday.

  • Cherri

    I took off too, and bc of it I have to work sunday 8/22 too.

    I really like Harlan though, I’d like to still play there on Saturday.

  • Cherri

    change o’ plans I’m in for Friday not Thursday

  • max

    Excellent polo bike can be found at this ad if you need one.

  • scooter


    bring Y’alls friends!!!

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