Our first polo spot permanently closed

The cracked blacktops of the school on 13th and Emerson gave rise to the “Emerson hops” and many VERY FUN games of bicycle polo has, since today, been closed off permanently. We, the Denver Mallet Mafia, have been playing here since early last year (march 2009) and have had many good times, and games, at this spot. This summer has been a blast playing at Emerson before we leave for the cruiser ride. Fun bike polo and fun bike cruisers are part of the Denver scene lately and it wouldn’t have happened without Emerson hard court.

So in saying goodbye we look to the next place to play.

We have plenty of players to play 2v2 and 3v3 games. We welcome new players to join us any time to jump in and learn a unique game. Score big fat juicy goals and you’re hooked. Please leave a message if you have any questions/comments about upcoming locations and times as well as potential polo court leads; especially if it’s a garage or covered area seeing as rain has returned.


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5 responses to “Our first polo spot permanently closed

  • nicholus

    I prefer small-skinny-dry goals. we can’t all be jubilantly sloppy.

  • scooter

    civic center can be a great spot… but we need backboards for the goal cones if nothing else.

    PS – the Stewart Title building in cherry creek has potential to be a winter spot, but security told us to leave a couple times last year, so i suggest going to them with the idea of a liability waiver form to encompass all associated with DMM, should anything happen to us, or their property directly through our being there (i.e. car damage) – which is what they were worried about…

    think about it. flat, covered, parking garage.

  • Kris Thompson

    Why did the lock up the court? Keep polo’ers out or kids in?

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