Polo furry! Bicycle polo and cruiser ride.


weds the 4th of august Polo at 13th and Emerson at 5:45 pm before the Cruiser ride. The theme for cruisers this week is furry animals. To play polo, insert mallet into hand and bring bike to ride. All skill levels encouraged to learn how to shoot some big fat juicy goals. seriously, is anyone getting tired of that phrase? I know I’m not.


1) Score one
2) Count it
3) repeat

Ahh, advice we can all live by.

More Bike Polo
I think Thursday the 5th of August for sure we can play at 18th and Harlan at 5:15 pm. With the Brickyard Boys (I finished my summer classes so I should be available) and Cherri, we only need 1 more player to have a session at this great technical court on 18th and Harlan ( http://tiny.cc/jet8n for those who need to know where it is)

Friday and Saturday? Who knows? Comment below

Sunday: I suggested Springs but that’s just me. The Colorado Cup has been with Brickyard almost a full month. So, Leave at 12:30 pm Denver time to arrive in Springs sometime before 2:00 PM.

3 2 1 P-LO!


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12 responses to “Polo furry! Bicycle polo and cruiser ride.

  • scooter

    thursday and friday im off at 5pm… & want to play me some polo! you want to play you some polo too! we should do the polo with togetherness!

    C’mon Denver!!!

  • Ryan

    Hey, I’m a noob and wanna play some bike polo! I’ll show up on Wednesday and might bring a couple others with me.

    • scooter

      hell yeah!

      we need players of all skill levels to show up!
      bring your friends, community mallets will be available.

      hear that!? that means we need DMM peeps to show up on wednesday with these noobies!

  • denvermalletmafia


    a couple people want to take an indefinite break from the long co springs drive and too slick court

    • scooter

      that’s right… Denver will be holding the Colorado Cup captive in Boulder until Co. Spr. decides to makes the epic hero’s journey to come reclaim what may or maynot be rightfully theirs.

      personally, driving is of no concern to me… i will go to wherever there is definietly polo happening.

      but those of you with poor balance don’t like the surface…

    • max

      With all due respect, and this should mean a lot coming from me because I am the biggest shit talker about springs, I have NO problems with the slick court in springs and the drive. Springs is the BEST competition for anyone in Denver or Boulder. We respect them by going there to play on their court once a month. If you can’t handle the drive to play the best competition, then play at emerson until you’re good enough.

      • scooter

        who is this denvermalletmafia who is deciding where we go to play at, but doesn’t show up to play actual polo:?

        show yourself fiend!!!!

  • cherri

    okay, well my vote is out as I won’t be able to go to colorado springs or boulder on sunday due to work. also am gonna miss out on today’s polo for same reason.

    so I’ll be at Harlan tomorrow night though.

    I am personally a little tired of the springs though, 3 hours in a car is rough (in my opinion and for me) to only play 3 hours or so of polo on a court that I always slide around on, its just not as fun for me as boulder or harlan (and I’m not the only one who has voiced this opinion).. we go there 2+ times a month, how many times have others come to den?

    I also like playing at Boulder because its in a peak period of growth right now. a lot of new people coming out, becoming regulars and getting better by the week. neither denver or colorado springs ever gets to a game on the court with two piles in waiting like boulder does. and boulder has lots of grass players coming out regularly (and getting so good so fast, look at Sam or effing Doug with his shots).

    but also to play devil’s advocate we are going to be in boulder the following weekend for I guess our own little FTWs,

    so maybe the springs this Sunday is a good idea for those who don’t want to be in boulder consecutively (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t! competitive games + huge growth in new players and grass crossovers).

    • scooter

      what is the deal with FTW? are there gonna be outta-towners?

      also, i concur with going to play where more people show up.

      it is that for 2 out of 3 cities we do have the majority up north…,and also this is, at most, the 2nd month we have not been readily driving down to springs… i see no disrespect.

      i do think it is time for people to accomodate the denver crew for now, since we have been the ones driving the most for polo.

  • Ryan

    I’ll try again today, barring locks on the Harlan court.

  • Matt

    Anyone playing today? Where at? I want some polo

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