Polo for everyone

Your polo news for this last week of July and the first week of August…

Denver still retains the Colorado Cup after Sunday. Max gets the biggest blister on his thumb from too much thumb action on the polo shaft. Team Bad Horse has officially been formed for playing in a few tournaments in the remainder of this year and is working on sponsors. Expect to see this team in East Van Crown this year. And last but not least, we have a polo schedule!!

Wednesday the 28th: Big Fat Juicy Goals at 13th and Emerson by 5:45pm. Fun games will be had and then we will transition to the cruiser ride. This week the theme is…. CLOWNS. I hope you’re not afraid of them.

Thursday the 29th: 18th and Harlan at 5:30pm. More competitive polo for those who like it that way.

Friday the 30th: I think Boulder Bike Polo has their polo on this day so stay tuned for updates as to the exact time and if we will go up to boulder.

Sunday the 1st of August: So, our good friend Jill who has visited us for the last month leaves the day after today. So when we go up to Colorado Springs for some polo at 1:30pm Co springs time (meaning we leave at about 12:30 Denver time) we will have to figure out a way to throw her a farewell party.

So, Leave a comment if you want to play thursday and friday, it’ll help the others with planning. Otherwise, if you need directions to any courts that we play on then let us know. and finally, it’s gonna be sad to see Jill go so let’s all pitch in and get something nice for her by sunday.

3 2 1 POLO!


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