BYC Polo for you and me

Denver’s Hardcourt Bike Polo times for the Week of the 20th to the 25th…
But first, a word from Max:

Those who are interested in hardcourt bike polo in Denver should consider making it to one of the few times this week at 13th/Emerson. Our club’s focus, as always, is to have fun and by going back to Emerson for two days this week we are playing more for fun than anything else. This means anyone you know who is interested in having fun on a bike should definitely come check out hardcourt bike polo this week on their bike. Don’t forget to come along with your friends and your own bike! So, let’s be safe and have fun this week. Here it is…

The schedule:

Wednesday the 21st of July at 13th and Emerson before the Denver Cruisers ride. This starts around 5:30 pm. The cruiser ride follow-up to polo on wednesday meets at 7PM at Casselman’s Bar and Venue. The theme this week is Tour De France. Bike polo will be very casual and friendly today so if you want to play for your first time, bring a bike and a helmet we’ll supply the rest.

There will be no polo on thursday the 22nd but the comments are available for those who do want it.

Friday afternoon the 23rd of July at Dover Hockey rink @ 5:45pm): We have been visiting the inline hockey court at Dover and playing polo there without any inline hockey players there to bother us. So, some more competitive bike polo at Colfax and Dover streets at the inline hockey rink. $2.00 bus fare can get you there and it is a very easy ride back downtown or you can carpool with some of the other players who have cars.

Saturday the 24th of July: 13th and Emerson Casual Polo at 1:30PM. Once again, we will have games geared for new commers and casual players at the same usual spot. We may convene in order to go play some more competitive polo at Harlan and 18th. I know for sure I can convince a few people from the urban assault ride packet pickup to come play polo this day for some casual fun.

Sunday the 25th of July: Polo at Boulder’s foothills park with the boulder hardcourt club. This should go down around 1:00PM boulder time so leave denver by 12:15pm to play on time. Rides can be arranged through comments. There is also the Urban Assault Ride going on today. Boulder polo will most likely be competitive!


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6 responses to “BYC Polo for you and me

  • boulderhardcourt

    i like your training regiment

  • scooter

    no work thursday. anyone wanna jam at harlan? i’ll be there anyhow. 5-5:30pm will shoot around for a while.

    wanna play somewhere aelse at a different time? hit me up or leave a post, or facebook me.

  • Cherri

    I’ll x2 on Harlan

  • max

    How many people are interested in saturday polo? Puddles has been trying to play lately and I hope we can get some of the faces we haven’t seen in a while to play some CASUAL polo on saturday.

    I hope people understand, polo at emerson is not about taking long range shots, or body checking, or anything competitive. Polo at emerson is about big fat juicy goals!

    • scooter

      max, now that polo has refs you must enstate yourself as head referee of DMM. buy a whistle and an umbrella.

      and then call alot of bullshit.

  • denvermalletmafia

    epic sunday

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