POLO lets go!

I’m sitting on the 28th floor of a hotel in Las Vegas wishing i could play some firggin polo!
This being said, i will be out of town for the week, but polo most still happen!

i know you all want to play polo! so speak up in the comments and make something happen!


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5 responses to “POLO lets go!

  • Quaz Dawg

    I wish I was in Vegas right now, I used to live there you know, I can show you some real treasures…
    As for polo, Wednesday, 5:30 at 13th and Emerson, I’ll be there, then the cruiser ride.
    Anyone who wants a polo fix today can give me a call, I’m sure most of you have my number…

  • BC

    Yo! How long you gonna be in Vegas? I’ll be there Friday night for the weekend. Anyway, I’m in for Wednesday at Emerson for sure.

  • Ben!

    Does anyone want to be a volunteer manager for Urban Assault on Saturday? I think you get free beer. I volunteered last year and it was AWESOME!

  • Brandon

    Brent hit me up when you get to LV!!
    Qusai do I want to see the turesures that this city offers?
    So far the best partvis the buses have wheel covers!

  • BC

    I’m flaking on polo today… stuck working late. But I’ll hit you up, Brandon, when I get into Vegas.

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