Wendnesday PLO

It’s gunna happen at 5:15pm 13th and emmerson st. Ill Bring ccones, and mallets. What will you bring?


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We play Hardcourt Bicycle Polo in Denver, Colorado. This is our web page for scheduling the game of bicycle polo in Denver for Denverites and also any other poloists/istas from across the country. View all posts by denvermalletmafia

11 responses to “Wendnesday PLO

  • adam

    Spell fucking checker! goddamn

  • Belkster

    I’m going to be in the Denver area over the weekend. When and where are y’all mahfukkas playing?

  • Quaz Dawg

    What’chu got on that P-lo cuuuz? Fer reallzz, on the real tip forealdo…

  • denvermalletmafia

    plo is slang boom slang

  • roger keeler

    hey met a few of you guys in capital hill tonight, can you let me know when youre gonna play in edgewater

    por favor

  • max

    Definitions of plo on the Web:

    Palestine Liberation Organization: a political movement uniting Palestinian Arabs in an effort to create an independent state of Palestine; when formed in 1964 it was a terrorist organization dominated by Yasser Arafat’s al-Fatah; in 1968 Arafat became chairman; received recognition by the …


  • Quaz Dawg

    I was going to make a new post, but I myself do not know what exactly our schedule is going to look like for the next few days. There is rumors of Friday polo in Boulder and I’m not sure who is having us on Sunday.

    On a non polo note, This site will be under construction for the next couple days, it won’t be down, just renovated. Things will be added, deleted, updated, etc., etc. If you have any suggestions and/or concerns, let me know.

    Also, I would really like to redo player profiles so I would like to have more recent photos taken, if possible, and a new updated questionnaire, if you have some ideas on that as well, let me know.


  • scooter

    I’m trying to make it to Boulder Friday(tomorrow), but no guarantees for me yet. and I does wants to be knowing about where our Independance Day Polo session gonna be at on Sunday… Post. It.

    carpools? i’ll take you. hit me up – 303-756-1395

  • Puddles

    Puddles is still alive and has a big polo hard on. Where is polo at this Saturday?

  • Cherri

    polo tonight at Black Rock Elementary, Erie, 80516 court is on north side of school off of Skyline Dr. 6pm ish

    Saturday, I think some people will be at 13th and Emerson.. I sadly will not so I can’t confirm or deny

    Sunday, Boulder Polo @ 1 as long as Nick is down since George is outtatown so springs probs will be a no goes.

    I also need carpools

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