Hello ALL-
THURSDAY-18th and HARLAN 6:00pm
Quesitons Call 240-DMM-POLO

Summer is here. We all love polo way to much, now lets nurture this relationship. We here on the blog will try to be more diligent about this whole “Organization” thing.
This means:
1. Posting where we we will play more than 24 hours in advance
2. To continue looking for a more central court
3. Being nicer to new polo people
4. start promoting polo more
5. Twitter-dat . Thats all
6. 240-DMM-POLO (366-7656). We will set up txt Alerts. TXT POLO to that number and i will add you to the alerts!

What we need form you all

1. Work with us. not against us.
2. Help. Making mallets, bring friends. Bring a ball. Bring you a positive attitude
3. Rule #1. Don’t be an Asshole


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We play Hardcourt Bicycle Polo in Denver, Colorado. This is our web page for scheduling the game of bicycle polo in Denver for Denverites and also any other poloists/istas from across the country. View all posts by denvermalletmafia

23 responses to “DENVER POLO SCHEDULE

  • BC

    Bike to Work Day – June 23 – Bike Polo is going to be one of the top four things that Bike to Work Day is trying to pitch on all the TV morning shows on 6/23. It’d be great if we can get a good showing at the Civic Center Park event in the morning. Seriously. We don’t want a poor showing on this event, which pulls thousands in the morning. And we’ll be called out by the emcee multiple times. Spoke cards, bike polo bikes, gear, our flag, stickers if we still have them. Whatever to fill the table with fun stuff. And possible mini demostrations. Additionally, this will show the legitimacy of our group, helping us in MANY ways in the long run. Lots of City employees go to this.

    • scooter

      what time will you need people in the morning? i am probably working @ 11 or noon, but i’ll be there if i have the time…

  • max

    Weds we’re playing at 13th and Emerson. I was under the assumption thursday might be at emerson too.

  • cherri

    why 6 on Thursday? only gives us three hours, can we plan on five bc you know people are running late.

    x2 on wed @ Emerson I plan on being there at 5

  • adam

    scooter. ya the bike to work day is 6am till like around 9. gonna be an early morning, but it will be worth it and fun. youll get tons of free stuff being handed out. we will need to pass out flyers, spokecards, and have a mallet and balls for people to mess around with. bring anything else you can think of that will help people see the light of day.

    • scooter

      6am, civic center park… will it be where we would usually play there? or what’s the spot?

      • scooter

        well, i got to work @ 7am on wednesday 6/23… so i’m going to go to the bike from work bash w/ max at 5pm… in the westword, “a bike polo demonstration by Denver Mallet Mafia”. I’ll be there, think its somewhere near Salvagetti’s

  • adam

    someone take charge and make some stickers. dosent have to be perfect, just something to hand out.

    • max

      should we just buy lots of “hi my name is” and then put “bike polo” underneath. seems like the best option.

  • Ben!

    Oh hey, I found some time in my busy schedule for bike polo. SEE YOU TOMORROW NIGHT AT 5:30p.

    I will be the guy who looks “rusty.”

    I do Bike to Work Day stuff for work and let me tell you it is one of the best days of the year. So much fun!

  • scooter

    if we do go out that way to harlan on thursday, i would rather go play at dover if its available again.

    • max

      I’m entering this race with a badass partner bada bada boom!

      • cherri

        but have we considered contacting them and organizing an afternoon of polo?

        this would be a THE event to showcase bike polo at. and with them already being backed by sponsors we would stand a good chance at getting a legit spot to play at for some exhibition games.. maybe even a pick up friendly.

      • cherri

        just think of the target audience for this..

  • cherri

    think about it and I’ll bring it up today and tomorrow, if ya’all are in favor I’ll put together a proposal for New Belgium.

  • cherri

    *today and tomorrow at polo

    • Quaz Dawg

      I’m in favor, I can help you write up a proposal if you want. i is a güd riter…

      Also does anyone want to go to the 2nd annual lowrider bike contest with me?, I’ts on the 4th of July around noon, in Northglenn .

  • denvermalletmafia

    hey when you post the upcoming schedule make sure to post dates, not just the days. ie. june 18th, friday…

  • Klink

    Sorry if this is unrelated but Max dropped a line regarding Nationals so I’d figure I’d respond.

    I don’t know if anyone here is seriously interested in going to Nationals beside Bob. I may be convince but this is highly unlikely. I might just save the trip for FTWs in Boulder if that happens. Just letting you know.

    If anything changes I’ll holler. Otherwise I’ll try and let Bob know so he can get ahold of either Max or Scooter.

    Jacob Klink.

    P.s. Do you love me back?

    • scooter

      I love you back Jake!

      max and I already have a set team for NAs, but if Bob needs a carpool and can make it up to denver, we can accomodate a person, maybe 2.

      hollar back y’all

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