Cruiser Ride/Polo Pickups/Weekend Madness

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Here’s the news just in for you. An early morning Wednesday post to update you on all things that the Denver Mallet Mafioso are doing. And those things that which we are trying to obtain (money, power, ski poles).

First of all, the Colorado Cup. That glorious cup, which has slipped from our fingers, awaits in Colorado Springs this weekend. The power of bike polo in colorado lies at the bottom of this beautiful cup, underneath 4 cans of pabst blue ribbon poured in. The Mafioso from Denver will attempt to wrest control of said cup from the Peak Region Polo Club this upcoming sunday. Last sunday, a total of 5 Colorado Teams (and this might be some kind of unofficial record) played for the cup. All-Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins all competed together. Like I said, Springs has their dastardly hands on it.

Denver Colorado is definitely cracking with bicycle polo and newbies are continually welcomed to show up to any pick ups/events mentioned on this page. Some even refer to our club as a social club, but that’s crazy talk, we play bike polo don’t we? ok ok, there’s more going on this week than bike polo…
You can find some Mallet Mafioso this Wednesday evening. They’ll be at the Denver Cruisers Ride which starts at Casselman’s on 26th and Walnut. The theme this week is: “cardboard, duct tape and bubble wrap”. A few Mafioso joined this ride last week, spread the word about bike polo and guess what, we’re doing it again. Bring a coozie, your lights, whatever you want to make this cruiser ride great. If you can, write our webpage down on whatever cardboard you use so you can spread the word about bike polo. Also, if you want to meet and collaborate on some costume design, leave a comment.

Thursday: 18th and Harlan pick up bicycle polo for this Thursday. We are going to scout Dover tomorrow to see if the rink has opened up for summer play again, so we may see a return of Saturday pickups next weekend. But this thursday Harlan and 18th court will be slated for pickups at 6:00pm-8:30pm. Also, would anyone want to just try out DSA’s tennis court/abandoned lot on washington street? It is conveniently located in Capitol Hill and would allow more people to simply ride their polo bikes there. Again, leave a message if you want to try this out, or show up to the cruiser ride on wednesday to express your opinion about the location.

This weekend, there will be plenty of pickups in colorado springs. There is even a friendly tournament going on. For the word on what’s going on with this tournament and what you’ll need to bring (helmets are required, and waterbottles will be needed) check the league of bike polo.

This is a good time to call it.




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15 responses to “Cruiser Ride/Polo Pickups/Weekend Madness

  • scooter

    another great davidoff novel…

  • BC

    I’ll be at the Cruisers tonight, Polo Thursday and Polo Sunday. Woot.

  • adam

    nobody has volunteered to work the table on Bike to Work Day…. C’mon people step up.

    • Quaz Dawg

      I volunteered for that a long time ago, but since it was not remembered, I’m volunteering now…

  • adam

    ok cool, we need at least 2 people, 3 would be better. its gonna be a popular table, and they are featuring us in some of their press releases.

  • cherri

    I can’t man a table, will be working all day.

    and x2 on what scooter said, kill the fluff.

    also, I went by 13th and Emerson, and it is not at all bad. I don’t know if you know this, but Seattle used to always play in parkinglots.. its one of the ways they got so good. you learn to pass a lot more/a lot better in order to avoid chasing a far flung ball.

    Anyways I talked to Ben-who also pointed out what a major bike throughway this intersection is-, and I’m going to start showing up there Wednesday afternoons around 4.30/5 for anyone else who is down to hit around the ball.

    otherwise see ya’all this afternoon.

  • rahja

    fucked up my wrist! Big time bums 😦

  • adam

    workers needed in the morning 6am-9am, june 23

  • adam

    x3 on the novel thing. this is a place for people to get updates on the polo happenings, not max to spew out his contrived random wanna-be bikesnobnyc babbling. keep it simple stupid, never fails.

  • Ben!

    x1 on Max’s side. I love it. Bike to Work Day is awesome, you should want to volunteer for this!

  • scooter

    i say, make the posts short and sweet.
    leave the contrived babble and novelized eccentrications for the comments section!

  • denvermalletmafia

    teams going to springs?

    Denver Z team:


    team name TBD

  • BC

    FYI – Bike Polo is going to be one of the top four things that Bike to Work Day is trying to pitch on all the TV morning shows on 6/23. It’d be great if we can get a good showing at the Civic Center Park event. Seriously. We don’t want a poor showing on this event, which pulls thousands in the morning. And we’ll be called out by the emcee multiple times. Spoke cards, bike polo bikes, gear, our flag, stickers if we still have them. Whatever to fill the table with fun stuff. And possible mini demostrations. Additionally, this will show the legitimacy of our group, helping us in MANY ways in the long run. Lots of City employees go to this.

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