Polo Pickups, Newbies welcome!

Come to 18th and Harlan today for some pickups. 5:30 til Dark. Car pools may be available but it’s really not that far of a ride (unless you’re missing a front rim like max.)

If you just learned about polo at last week’s cruiser ride, this is a great chance to show up, play some games and hopefully watch the regulars get intense. This is a good chance to ask questions about materials for polo mallets, perhaps to buy a few of our unused mallets, and to basically have a good time

And after last weekend’s full colorado cup games, Springs took the cup back home and will be presenting it at the friendlies as their own. Don’t worry, we’ll have a chance to earn it back in front of all of the players during the friendly tournament this upcoming weekend. If you need a team for this tournament, leave a comment and begin to network about this. We may have a few more pickups this week and hopefully we can get everyone to practice together.

3 0 3 — POLO!


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3 responses to “Polo Pickups, Newbies welcome!

  • cherri

    how about more than a couple hours notice?

    maybe a post for polo on Thursday afternoon @ Harlan? 5ish?

  • max

    you got it cherri. sorry about the short notice though. that’s why you should get email updates :p

  • BC

    FYI – I’m gonna do Denver Cruisers tomorrow. Theme is cardboard, duct tape and bubble wrap. You should join me.

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