Mmm…Tacos/Out of towners/ Polo news for your eye loving goodness

MMMM… Tacos.
As evidenced in the above photo, not having wheel shields will lead to tacos. This is a friendly bit of news for all of those unfamiliar with bicycle polo. This post will enlighten you on all things polo here in Denver.

Before you read about polo later this week, a little bird named Sherri (with a shiny mvp metal around the neck made of bike chains, bike sprockets and bike brake lines) mentioned a boozer cruiser ride with denver cruisers on Weds at 7:00 at 26th and walnut. Casselman’s is the spot to meet. Grab a B-cycle for 5 bucks or polo bike it up.

Onto polo news:

Lots of players have gone out of town and will be going out of town. One bit of news about out of towners…We even have a lovely player from StL hanging out with the brickyard boys right now at the time of this blog, but she’s leaving thursday morning. (we may see her again in the friendlies next week, hopefully you’ll play some awesome polo with us Julia!)
Onto polo this week, Scooter’s schedule is the most reliable, and here it is…
Polo Schedule:

Times/Days / 18th and Harlan

Thursday at 6:00PM (Scooter can’t be there until 6:30) so show up a little bit late, but show up!

Saturday at 4:00PM 18th and Harlan

Sunday in Boulder.

This is a good week to get some practice with our lefty, our sharpshooter (quazi), and some more practice for the next weekend with the friendly tournament in Colorado Springs.

Leave a comment about the times you’ll show up, for carpools, and for general heckling of the out of towners (including max)

Thanks for reading!

3 0 3… POLO!!!

p.s. We have the Colorado Cup after foiling Tall George’s (and his cronies) dastardly plans to keep it in the springs in order to drink from such a powerful container and emanate such polo competitiveness. Denver has now taken the cup a few times and if some brave Mallet Mafioso can keep the cup for once next weekend surely it will be the start of something legendary. that or we’ll have to go back to the drawing board against those dastardly plans.

p.s.s. People who are new/need practice for bike polo friendlies next weekend should be come on thursday, saturday and play on sunday in boulder. the brickyard boys are offering to save your soul with the good gospel of bike polo. they sure saved mine…



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21 responses to “Mmm…Tacos/Out of towners/ Polo news for your eye loving goodness

  • rahja

    worst days ever to play polo! I always work those days and especially the weekend gahhhhh. Ridiculous.

    • max

      Sorry Rahja. Scooter is capable of showing up at these times and that’s the way it is. Next week I’ll text you when I’m back and we can practice in the morning all week or something.

  • BC

    I’m in for Thursday and possibly Sunday.

  • Brandon

    Going out of town agin! But all I want to do Is play polo.

    Im down to carpool on sunday if anyone is down

  • Tim COMO

    Who the hell hit your wheel? Wheel covers ain’t gonna stop that from happenin’. Get some Rhyno Lites or Gordos!

    • denvermalletmafia

      speaking of gordos, a certain muy gordo from colorado springs tacoed that rim and said the rim shield would have helped. Max has ordered his chukkers.

  • Quaz Dawg

    Scooter and I can accommodate 1 or 2 person(s) on Sunday, give us a jingle jangle should you need a lift…

  • cherri

    I’m out for Saturday and Sunday- working so I can have next weekend off.

    Will be at Harlan around 5.30/6 today.

    Also, what days does fort collins play? Might be a little late this week to organize it. But maybe after co springs friendly we can persuade a crew to meet up at boulder on a sunday, or bite the bullet and make their city the sunday trip.

    Been thinking about what ben brought up, what’s the concencus on another cinco de maya event. – aka finding an amiable business, throwing a small party and playing 2v2 in the parking lot?

    Or while there’s dog shit on it, what do ya’all think of the fenced in place on Washington. If they’re okay with dogs romping around, there may be no words against bikes, mallets and balls. The question is are you taking it seriously enough to join a pup poop clean up crew?

  • CogNation Josh - aka focopolo Josh

    hey max and crew,
    i think me and some of my crew from focopolo are planning on coming down to boulder on sunday to meet up and play some polo with you and the boulder guys. stoked to meet up and play some polo like the good ol days. we have a pretty fresh crew so we may or may not put up a good fight but it should be good fun none the less. see you sunday! josh

  • scooter

    off work for the day – will be at Harlan @ 5pm maybe a bit earlier.

    also; what fenced in spot on washington? i haven’t seen or heard, but i will pick poo for polo… and then we will claim the land in the name of mallet mafia.

  • scooter

    off work for the day – will be at Harlan @ 5pm, maybe a bit earlier.

    also; what fenced in placed on washington? i haven’t seen or heard, but i am willing to pick poo for polo… and then commandeer the location in the name of mallet mafia.

  • adam

    fyi to people…. we have been asked to participate in the bike to work day evnets on June 23rd. We will be hosting a table at civic center for the morning breakfast stop (the most popular stop) and that evening we will be playing exhibition at the bike to work bash hosted by Cactus Advertising. these will be good spots to promote polo. and since you all feel so strongly about getting more people to play, i’m sure you will all be especially excited to volunteer to run the morning table, and help out with the evening event as well. Talk with brandon about the evening event and I will be the go to person to talk to about the morning booth. thanks for your help guys!
    more infor here.

    • denvermalletmafia

      Someone named max managed to spread the good gospel of bike polo at the boozer cruiser ride on wednesday. plenty of flyers given out, expect some random pickups at emerson or DSA again on tuesday afternoons.

  • BC

    Let me support what Adam is saying. Both the morning event (Civic Center Park) and the evening event (Cactus Ad) are going to be HUGE opportunities to get more people interested in bike polo. Unfortunately I’ll be at both events working for Denver B-cycle, but I think we should try to get as many players out as possible for both.

  • josh focopolo

    stoked to play with whoever ends up in boulder tomorrow. think it is going to be a great day for polo. see you there. focopolo.

  • Duncan

    Come up to Boulder tomorrow at 1 to whack some balls around!!

  • adam

    how was polo this weekend? denver still own that big fisher-price lookin yellow cup?

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