Saturday & Sunday Polo Plans

mvp! cheri show

a few pics taken by other people from MWBPC8, sorry im not linking to your flickr’s or anything, i forgot where they all came from. just leave a link in the comments section if you want credit. anyways…

Polo at 18th and Harlan, noontime….come early if you wanna help with the crack repair. bring a broom.


Polo at El Pomar in Colorado Springs hosted by Peak Region Polo@ 1p, talk to someone if you need a ride or want to carpool.


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17 responses to “Saturday & Sunday Polo Plans

  • Dave

    Greetings from Istanbul DMM! Congrats on killing it at MWBPC8. Brandon I need one of the cupcake tees…..they are sick. Only been a few weeks and I am already dying for some polo. See you all at the end of summer.

  • adam

    great weekend of polo. all the regulars were ripping it up, but where are all the fringe guys, and the first timers???!!! come play polo everyone!!!

  • Ben!

    Since at that this point I have to be considered a fringe guy when it comes to polo, I will answer this question.

    Aside from my personal schedule which has been chaotic, here are the reasons I think people aren’t coming out.

    1) Polo now requires a car to get to. I am a cyclist, I don’t really like getting in my car to go use my bike. Polo needs to be in an easily accessible location for those of us who live in the city and on our bikes. A good bike for polo is terrible to ride long distances on.

    2) The average level of play is now well beyond my ability level. All of the regulars are really good now in Denver. (Hooray!) Even as a fringe guy on a small court the pace of the game and level of play is blowing by me. Now, I am not particularly coordinated, but let’s ignore that and assume I was someone who could be super good at polo, but just needed to play more. The level of play problem is self perpetuating because as everyone who plays more than I can gets better, I am left behind.

    It would be a lot easier for me show up if polo was in the same place, I could ride my bike and I had a chance of playing against people who were close to my level of play.

    I love you guys and don’t really think this is a huge issue, but to me it seems for these reasons we are seeing less and less fringe guys and n00bs coming out. The event at Walnut room was super-duper successful (I thought). A large part of that was a safe environment to play polo in that was easy to get to. If we want more people playing regularly, we need to build a development pipeline that can help get people from n00b status to regular A players.

    Just my $0.02.

    ❤ Ben!

  • cherri

    I think everyone is in agrement that we would rather play at 32nd st. but what can we do until we get the official announcement? I hate HATE driving out to Lakewood, I think most all of us do. Give us a inter city spot and we’d lap it up, until then Harlan seems like a midway point for the ones who just want to play.

    As far as newbs feeling not good enough, I don’t know if I can agree with this statement. I started out as a chick in brotown philly where everyone was a fuck ton better than me, talk about intimidation. But if you’re interestested enough you’ll learn to stay on your bike. Every city I’ve played in-including Denver- has been a lot friendlier than Philly. And most everyone here plays a less intense when less skilled players are on the court.

    In short, while I understand your sentiments, I believe both to be out of our immediate control, unless you can get us 32nd which would be an unbelievable boon.

  • cherri

    I apologize if the above is on the snarky side, always forget not to write while intoxicated

  • max

    Not at all cherri. your comment was not snarky. I think it was right on. If ben thinks we’re intense, he should try being a newbie at new york or seattle polo. that would be hella discouraging.

    I think 18th and harlan is not far from the city. it is an easy coast back (so even the most polo wearied traveller would make it fine) and the 16 bus line runs up there all the time although spending 1.50 on some gatorade would be better.

    as far as the development pipeline, we have a dilemma. without a polo court we can’t have polo players, and without polo players we can’t have a polo court. harlan has been patched up nicely although the surface kills tires quickly (quazi was pissed about it on sunday).

    Look at it this way, by july we can have dover back to ourselves again. and when you don’t feel intense, just tell people you’re not gonna play super intense and set the expectations lower. the regulars have lots of intensity but we want more regulars and in order to do that we can kick it down a notch so the less experienced people can get some more touches/shots off and feel more inclined to come play.

    I personally have been handing out flyers but have not been able to get people to show up. that’s ok, as long as they are cyclists, the word of mouth will spread. eventually there will be a home court for everyone within the confines of Denver.

  • BC

    My Excuse: Had family and friends in town. And a wedding.
    Re: Permanent Court: Working on it. Sorry that it is slow going.

  • Ben!

    For the record, I was not complaining about the level of play from a personal perspective, I am totally fine sucking and getting better bit by bit. But we are Americans and a lot of us don’t like sucking at things and just give up instead.

    Cherri I think you summed it up well here: “In short, while I understand your sentiments, I believe both to be out of our immediate control, unless you can get us 32nd which would be an unbelievable boon.”

    I don’t think these are big time serious problems at all, but if the question is being asked “why aren’t people showing up, that is my opinion for an answer.

    As for solutions: I see a location in the city benefiting us greatly, and as Max said: “eventually there will be a home court for everyone within the confines of Denver.” While that is out of our control, once we have a space of our own there are a few things we can do to help grow the club, none of these are new, but whatever.

    1) n00b nights. An opportunity for people who have never played or aren’t confident to hone their skills with only a few A players present.

    2) League night. Organized teams hammer on each other to improve team spirit and high-level skill.

    3) Pick-up weekend afternoon. A chance for everyone to play together.

    4) Travel day. We go visit some other friends around the region.

    What else could we do in the meantime? Play some more at 13th & Emerson? Keep handing out flyers? More demo events?


  • adam

    How about we just start promoting our club in other states so good polo players move here and we can avoid the noob players all together.

  • Ben!

    That is why better than any of this crap I was proposing. We get good players to move here, we get them jobs, what more could good polo players ask for?

    Friendly faces, amazing weather, lots of scenic polo courts within an hour’s drive? OH WAIT WE GOT THAT ON LOCK.

    I think we should officially adopt this as our strategy: buying free agents.

  • cherri

    Hahaahhha! Hilarious and so true ben.

    It’s true you’ve already ‘bought’ two of us.

    But really when Amanda was in town we had a long discussion on these very things. League nights and the exclusitivity of them, how to get néw people in, how to keep nights going. It’s a conversation had on carpools to Colorado Springs and late night bar pubs.

    Everyone wants a deep club of good personalities and fun, competitive play.

    But as a foundation there has to be an easily accessable court. Few people are going to drive out to mingle with people they’ve never met to play a sport they may have never seen.

    Build the courts and I think they will come.

  • adam they got a pretty website…let’s see if they got any game.

  • Quaz Dawg

    I would assume noobies won’t have a polo gear right off the bat, it’s much easier for them to get to where we play. Ben, doesn’t your polo bike also have a riding gear? I’ve rode my polo bike from my place, DU, to Harlan and back more than once, and i’m fixed and a smoker. If I can do it than I’m sure any Colorado cyclist can.

    Granted our level of play may be intimidating to most noobies, I have no problems toning it down to hook some noobs to the sport,but until they decide to get with the program and actually come out I will continue to play my game. Also, I’m all for impromptu polo, you don’t need to play on scheduled days. You’re looking for a good time you call me, I’ll play polo day or night.

    I also agree that we need a central court, but until that happens we’re stuck with what we have, a semi decent court that murders my tires. Ideally I would rather play in a hockey rink, as most of us would I’m sure, so I would be all for playing at every hockey rink we can find until the cops came. Being a skater at heart and having that rebellious mindset, though not the best course of action, I feel that those tactics will help Denver notice the urgency to get us a legit court. Why do you think the skatepark got built where it did? All of us skaters relentlessly skated downtown in no skate zones until the city gave and built us the park downtown.

    Word of mouth in this city is garbage, from a personal standpoint at least. From my experience I feel that the majority of Coloradans in general are a little on the flakey side. Hence the reason I feel that word of mouth will be agonizingly slow going before it picks up and the rookies start showing their faces. The sad thing about it is that all the cyclists here that you would assume would be all over polo are way to fucking cliquey and for some reason despise polo now, what happened to all those people who used to show up when we were in the infancy stage of the Denver Mallet Mafia? Oh right, they have their loops rides and their beloved bike soccer, which they rarely play any fucking way. So, what we’re doing obviously isn’t working very well to lure the noobies onto the court, so let’s figure out how to get the good gospel farther than the range of our voices. Hassle the news for interviews, in depth interviews, try to get in the Westword or the Post, offer sexual favors, spam the web, pay people, etc. There has to be some sort of bait we’ve yet to try.

    I need a cigarette, so I’ll cut it short.

    Also, cruiser ride tonight?

    • cherri

      I’d bet you we can seem cliquey to outsiders as well. People like bikes for different reasons, you can’t hate on that or force polo down their throats. just as you might not be interested in bikesoccer, another cares not to hit a ball around with a skii pole.

      • Quaz Dawg

        I understand what you’re saying, but the thing is, I like playing bike soccer, over half my polo game is skills I learned playing bike soccer. All I’m saying is that in my personal experience and opinions is that all of those specific people are all about their messenger friends and what not what have you. I could be wrong, maybe they just don’t like me, I’m not going to lie, I’m not a very likable person, I have an angry disposition and it’s off putting. Regardless, I feel that the rest of you guys are very friendly and encouraging of getting new people out on the polo court.

        Nonetheless things will come to fruition soon enough, I’m just going to shut up now I feel like I’m just arguing and being an asshole…

  • denvermalletmafia

    click here for the best polo photos you have ever seen. nice work Dane!!!

  • cognation josh

    hey adam, thanks for the website shoutout. and hey to max, ben, austin, rahja, and all the other guys and gals in denver i miss playing polo with. sounds like things are blowing up for polo down in denver, which is awesome. we are just starting to get serious about getting people to play hardcourt up here in fort collins. the regular grass players haven’t been very open to the idea, so we are branching out and looking for new players in the city. we had 3v3 yesterday and 2v2 today…hopefully in the coming weeks our numbers will grow and we will have a good turnout for regular weekly games. we would love to have you guys come up, or come down for one of your pickup days. it may be a couple weeks before we have enough players willing to make the trip, but hopefully we’ll have a nice reunion soon enough and play some polo.

    we have a great roller rink in town that we are going to try out on sunday and make sure we don’t get snuffed out. but if it works out it will definitely be a good rink to have some matches if you guys come up. hope to play polo with you all sooner than later. peace and polo. josh.

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