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What an incredible tournament! Congrats to Cherri for taking home the Female MVP award!! official results haven’t been released yet, but co springs did win the Colorado Cup back from Denver. Please leave a comment if you were in attendance and let us know your thoughts!


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4 responses to “MWBPC8 REwnd

  • Quaz Dawg

    Overall great tournament, the one thing that bugged the shit out of me was the award for most heart, though the recipients actions were definitely deserving, they should have been based upon actions in the tournament not on ones up to and before. That logic in awarding an award guarantees a hometown victor and plays favoritism. Either way I had a great time, I essentially got to play some pick up games and give some teams actually trying to do well an easy win and show some fresh meat what polo is, all for free…

  • Quaz Dawg

    Also, some of the best quotes of the trip… “Minnesota is a weird fuckin’ town.” -Max
    “That’s goin’ on the fuckin’ blog.” -Myself in regards to Max’s stupidity and an apparent hate blog I have about him, which I will soon have if one of you bloggers would be so kind as to help me start one, so when Max does some thing, well, Maxish, it can indeed go on the fuckin’ blog. All in good fun of course…

  • adam

    ya you had heart quaz…but what the fuck would you have done with a heart medallion made out of a bike chain??

  • Travis

    When are we playing again? I have been waiting forever….

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