Armed and Hammered backed by Scooter, Maximilian, and Cherri. Along with Boomslang, consisting of Brandon, Adam and Jeff will be reppn’ Denver at The 8th Midwests Bike Polo Champeensheeps. Look for both teams to be placing very respectably at this tourney in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Check back here for results next week. I almost forgot Quazdogg will be looking for a team to join with. Look for him to be hittin top shelf all weekend long.

To add some more hype to this tournament…
There are going to be plenty of rivalries to be had, new and old.
The rivals in colorado springs, Polo High has a 0-2 record against Denver in recent tournaments. Since two Denver teams have a chance to play them, we can easily put them to 0-3 and 0-4 at Midwests. That’s all we really want, right?? Plus, did anyone say Colorado Cup games?

On league of polo’s MWBPC8 thread #2 we have captain jake talking shit about our teams “i get all hyped up to whoop on a team from denver and beat them in 1min:34 sec”.
Well Captain Jake is one of the premier players in the midwest region and we’ll have to disappoint him with our own premier players playing until the last minute. Plus, if Denver gets the W, do I smell a new rivalry?

One of other South Central teams from Austin Texas with Rob and Miguel will be there and since they are part of our region, that’s definitely going to be an interesting matchup -whether they play Boomslang or Armed and Hammered.

Get hyped!!!!


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12 responses to “MWPBC8 COMING FULL FORCE

  • Quaz Dawg

    If Boomslang is driving, I might need a ride, I have this strange feeling that Scooter doesn’t want me to go. Every time I talk to him about it he gives me a disappointed look and seems all bummed out. Because of this I would like to have that option if my feeling is correct. Should it be, and I do make it out there, Armed And Hammered, I’m bringin’ the motherfuckin’ pain, I got nothing to lose, so help me god I’ll play you till the death…

  • adam

    we got 4 people in mimi’s GTI, sorry bro

  • cherri

    Play against armed and hammered until death? Where’s your city comraderie yo?

    Play poopsling to the death.

  • max

    this post makes me excited.

  • Sven

    Get that 2nd team registered so we can start planning for your housing.

  • Quaz Dawg

    Ask Scooter where my camaraderie is. Seriously every time I bring up midwests around him he gets all bummed out now cause I have the money to go, I think he’s just too much of a pussy to tell me he doesn’t want me to go. I mean I could be wrong, but I like to believe I’ve lived with him long enough to notice when something isn’t quite right. Somebody ask him cause he won’t tell me, I shouldn’t have to feel like a douchebag like I’m impeding on peoples plans. So it would be awesome if people can man the fuck up and tell me what the goddamn deal is, should I stay or should I fucking go? That goes for everything, you don’t like how I play polo, you fucking tell me, you don’t like how I breathe, you fucking tell me, you don’t like how I ruined my life and now I’m a goddamn failure, you fucking tell me, you don’t like how I smell, you fucking tell me, you don’t like that I smoke cigarettes, you fucking tell me, you don’t like how I control a lifetime of rage, you fucking tell me, you don’t like the cut of my motherfucking jib, you fucking tell me…

  • Devil Advocate

    you shouldn’t go if ur going to be pissed off the whole weekend. are you even going to have fun if you don’t play any polo and bitch about it? why not save the money for NAs

  • Quaz Dawg

    I apologize for being so angry, these last few weeks have been really fucking shitty for me(and I haven’t had any smokes in a day and a half). I’ve got my situation straightened out. I’ll see you guys this weekend calm, cool, and collected and ready to play some fucking polo…

  • denvermalletmafia

    scooter, dont forget the Colorado Cup!

  • denvermalletmafia

    team logo

  • BC

    For all us losers stuck in Denver not going to MPLS, impromptu condo party at my place tonight starting around 9PM w/ some friends visiting in town. Drop on by if you can!

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