Saturday night at The Shoppe (3103 East Colfax Avenue). Time to strategize your takeover of the free world…all while eating cupcakes and sipping on a latte. Seats limited, call Cherri to reserve your spot!


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10 responses to “RISK NIGHT RETURNS

  • Quaz Dawg

    Save me a seat…else I’ll be conquering more than just the free world…

  • Cherri

    Saved! And Harlan polo during the day? I missed out yesterday on account of work and then sleet like rain.

  • denvermalletmafia

    I vote Harlan polo AND then Settler of Katan night.


  • theshoppedenver

    I have taken the liberty to reserve you a table for 8pm.

  • adam

    I love the shoppe! And I kinda love harlan! And I love bike polo!

  • Cherri

    also me and the mates are going to do our own cruiser boozer ride tonight since we missed out on wednesday. Meet up @ Sputnik’s a la 10ish? Polo bikes fair cruiser substitutes.

  • max

    x2 I’ll do the cruiser ride + polo saturday @ harlan. can’t do Risk though– unless my girlfriend wants to come.

  • Quaz Dawg

    What will be the itinerary for said ride? I will be needing to inebriate myself due to a prior engagement from 8 till 10:30, perhaps I could meet along the way should you make yourselves scarce from Sputnik premature to my arrival. I will make myself present around 10:30.

  • adam

    quaz dog,

    we will be at sputnick for awhile, and if we do decide to leave im sure we will stick around the south broadway area. as for riding, if its hailing and raining i might ixnay on the bike thing. 😦 why god why!! the rain!! everytime we try to cruise!!

  • Cherri

    x2 on being at Sputnik for a good minute so get good an’ drunk well see you there. But also just got off the phone with chris, looks like er haus’ll be ridin’ no matta the weather-possibly with umbrellas-but later destinations are totally up in the air.

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