I’ll do anything for bike polo (I’ll even do that).

The picture above would be Tall George’s face on an old vintage bike polo shot. I had a sequence of him taking a shot that went wide in Santa Fe but got too lazy to put it together, keep an eye out for it in the future on this blog. Nobody is safe from the photoshops, even myself!
But speaking of Tall George, Colorado Springs is the location for saturday’s pickups. Most of us in Denver will be leaving by 11:00 and arriving in the springs at 12:00 to compete against Tall George and his cronies. Bring your A-Game, plenty of hydration and friends! Carpool if possible.

For Sunday, We’re going to Boulder to play some hardcourt bike polo sometime, I’m sure after we all do something for Mother’s Day.. I’m guessing here, but arrive to Boulder Rink by 1:00. I’m sure some of us will leave earlier and arrive before that (12:30? 12:00?). Anyways, bring plenty of hydration, and friends, and carpool if possible!

And another bit of news, Ben and I are going for a morning ride on saturday. It would be about 15-20 miles and we’ll be leaving by bike from Ben’s place around 8:00 in the morning. So get your legs warmed up with a nice ride and some mercedes breakfast burritos before the polo on saturday. I have a link to the loop here: (loop) and once again, we meet at 3rd and Galapago around 8 in the morning.

Oh yeah, I had another nice photo of our sharpshooter Quazi. Here you go:

So we have a full weekend of polo ahead of us. Nobody answered the trivia question from a few posts ago so again, what was the name of the polo team from Denver in Austin’s tournament last year? Yes, rahja was right that the blood belongs to Jazmine, and Adam, Quazi and Me were in the team. But we specifically have a photoshop prize for the first person to actually answer the entire team name!

3 0 3 POLO


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