Hello all,

Brooks has a show coming up this Friday at The Bannock Street Garage. (1015 Bannock St. Denver, CO 80204.) He would love it if you could all come check it out! the pieces above are a few little sneak peeks for you to enjoy and share. (more info here)

Go check it out and buy some cool local art!


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7 responses to “*Transference*

  • BC

    Crema also has opening reception of Sketch art show too. 7-11PM. Grab some coffee at Crema, then drinks at Bannock St. Garage.

  • adam

    Anyone interested in doing a bike ride? Just like Brent sez, crema first, then garage. Let’s team up!

  • Quaz Dawg

    I’m down for a bike ride, I suppose I’ll be meeting whoever decides to pedal themselves as well at Crema at 7. Also, that friend or foe picture above fills me with furious anger, it’s that guy, with his stupid look, he’s the model for douche baggery. He’s got “Tool” written all over his face. Should that be a real person(I’m sure it is)I hope you’re not as much of a Jagwolf as it seems, cause at the moment, friendo, I don’t like the cut of your jib. Oh god, what I would do for a license to kill…I’m afraid I have rage issues…

  • rahja

    Billy jack special! Too cool. I have heard a lot about this cool new hip spot “the garage.” I am in. More bike polo team hang outs fo shooooo.

  • max

    I’ll be eating Mongolian BBQ instead.

  • Ben!

    I am hanging with family for a while, somebody text me when you get to the Garage.

  • BC

    I’m game for the Crema/Garage ride, but I won’t be at Crema till later. Let me know the time when the mini-ride will start and I’ll try to make it with time to hang at Crema beforehand.

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