Curtis Park Saturday, CoSprings Sunday

Saturday Pickups will commence at Curtis park at 32nd and Arapahoe at the tennis court @ 2:00 PM. Last time we were here it was extremely fun and this time I will go around and collect some boards prior to 2PM so that we can play some polo with more rounded corners and without interruption.

Last Sunday we were in Boulder for hardcourt bike polo so this Sunday it seems that the Peak Region Bike Polo club will get the ever-awesome competition that is Mallet Mafia. So, come to pickups tomorrow at 2PM and plan your carpool for Sunday.

3 OH 3 POLO!
p.s. the picture above was taken in Austin Texas. First person to name what the team representing Mallet Mafia’s name was in Austin was will get a random prize. And trust me, it’s gonna be random… (both the team name, and the prize.) side note, you can find this team name by searching into mallet mafia’s archives. Hint, the tournament in Austin was sometime last year….


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4 responses to “Curtis Park Saturday, CoSprings Sunday

  • adam sampson

    I’m there. And I know the answer to your trivia question too. Boards boards boards!

  • adam sampson

    Wow. An interesting day of bike polo to say the least. Im loving our new locations! O hope everyone is coming to cinco de cycle to help support Denver biking and Harcourt polo! May 5, 5-8pm at the walnut room Denver.

  • rahja

    I know that blood belong to jasmine jones! Half credit prize? eh eh yeaaah.

  • Ben!

    I rode to both Curtis Park AND 18th and Harlan with no polo! Great day on my bike though.

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