Boulder Today, Novices Tuesday

Kind of a late update but most of us are going to Boulder Foothills Park to play with the poloistas there and from what I can tell a lot of Mallet Mafia members are going to be there today. So hop in your car, make it to the Boulder Foothills Park (Directions: US-36 to Baseline exit, go left at exit and right on broadway, take broadway all the way to violet, then left on violet and right at the stop sign you’ll find the park fairly easy)

On Another note: Tuesdays are now Novice Tuesdays. At 5:00PM Sharp, Newbies are encouraged to show up to 13th and Emerson with whatever bike they have. I will bring mallets and mallet materials as well as cones. Mallet materials will be given out for those in need. Basically, there will be extremely laid back pickup seeking to help introduce novices to the game, the rules, and give them a chance to play with others at the same skill level. It’ll be lots of fun and if you know someone who has tuesday night off and they are skilled at riding their bike, tell them to show up to 13th and Emerson at 5PM Sharp for the novice night!

Cheers to everyone and I hope to see some interested novices on tuesday night at Emerson 5:00 PM Sharp! These games should go from 5 til 7 PM.



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10 responses to “Boulder Today, Novices Tuesday

  • newby

    ive been waiting for a good day to come check out polo. i’m glad there is now a day for us beginners to get our reps in until we got the skills to hang with the big boys. i heard max was the best player in Colorado. i hope i can be as good as him someday.

  • Ben!

    Its Tuesday n00bday.

  • cherri

    Awesome idea to have a newb day, I think tho I’m gonna try and drive out to Colorado Springs if they’re having their regular tuesday pick up. Email me your no. if you want to ride with.

  • max

    someday I’ll leave colorado and then newby can inherit the best polo player in colorado title. til then…

  • Dus PHX

    great idea with novice tuesdays!

    also, we have posted craigslist ads here in phoenix about bike polo (in the bike & group sections), so far with impressive newcomer turnout! you might have similar or better results posting about it in denver…

  • rahja666

    bahahaha! I dig

  • BC

    Working late, but I may drop by riding a B-cycle on my way home to see if y’all are still playing.

  • Quaz Dawg

    Polo was so awesome, big thanks to all the people who showed up, Oh wait, what’s that, no one showed, thanks for nothing Denver. I loathe you…

  • adam

    it takes more to put on an event than just making a blog post. put some fuckin effort into it and stop bitching.

    • Quaz Dawg

      Effort was put in, but no one likes me so the people I told of course didn’t show up. Also it was a newbie night, it should have been mandatory for the regulars to show, you can’t just throw them to the wolves. Why would a newbie show if a regular won’t? There should have been at least enough people to get a 3v3 game, but we barely managed to get a couple 2v2 games in before everyone who did show decided to leave. So the Brickyard Crew hung around till 6:45 before we decided it was a lost cause. That being said I feel my bitching has legit reason, nonetheless I apologize, but as all of you should know my temper has no fuse…

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