Saturday Pickups @ 12PM

Last year in October on the 28th we reported some of our members with the Swolo flu. Thankfully no casualties have been inflicted but guess what? Many of us have come down with the Swolo Flu again! So, Saturday pickups will occur on the bottom level of the Stewart Title Parking Garage (50 South Steele Street, Denver Colorado)

If you are wondering what the Swolo flu is, here’s a direct quote from october 28th 2009 on this blog “A FEW OF US POLO ADDICTS GOT THE SWOLO FLU (ITS A MIX OF SWINE FLU AND POLO FEVER) AND THE ONLY CURE IS TO PLAY POLO. ”

There might be more people infected than we know. But so far the BrickYard Boys and Cherri are slated to be playing in the garage.

Side Note: While some can very easily become sick and sicker with the Swolo flu, some people (hockey players, security officers, janitors, etc) are immune to its effects. So tomorrow we need to be low key about playing inside the garage but we will still have cones and boards ready.


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7 responses to “Saturday Pickups @ 12PM

  • BC

    Balls… I’m working on Saturday. I definitely have swolo. Anything going on Sunday?

  • max

    well I think Boulder, but I have no idea if the weather is any good there.

  • denvermalletmafia

    I definitely have all of the polo flu symptoms! I also miss playing in that garage because we can play all day n night!

  • Ben!

    BC, I am in for Boulder tomorrow.

  • max

    yeah nic said boulder hardcourt will start at 2:00 but I’m sure us denver players can show up at 12 if we wanted. I’m down to carpool with ben or BC.

  • Quaz Dawg

    Denver polo pisses me off more often than not, I wanna move somewhere where people play more than one up in the air day a week. I’m not in the greatest of moods today…

  • Duncan

    Weather should be okay… earlier might be better. NOAA says most of the rain will hapen after 9pm. You guys should definitely come up to Boulder!

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