Denver Bike Share Launches Thursday!

Artsy Brent Bcycle
Why is this happening? Because our good friend Brent is a total badass. Brent, seen above in artsy photo goodness, has been a tireless champion in making bike sharing in Denver happen. Without his efforts, I don’t think Denver would be about to launch the largest 3rd generation bike share system in the United States.

Brent has been a great friend to the Mallet Mafia, he has helped people with jobs, worked to get us our own court, played some polo and drove 3 of us all the way to Columbia and back. For all of those reasons and more, we should do our best to support him on Thursday when he “gives birth to his baby.”

The good news is it will not be hard to support Brent. Basically, show up at 9:00a at Civic Center Park on Thursday, and you are supporting Brent. You can hangout, celebrate bikes and participate in the bike parade. It will be a blast. (Plus, think how awesome a bunch of us on our polo bikes will look in the bike parade.) I will be there, supporting Brent, and you should join me. More details on the event can be found here.

I hope you will carve out some time to support our friend Brent. Post any questions in the comments. And thanks Brent, for being so awesome.

ps. Jeff Left works for Denver Bcycle now, so if you really hate Brent I suppose you could come out just to support Jeff.


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2 responses to “Denver Bike Share Launches Thursday!

  • BC

    Woot! Thanks for the love. Support Jeff! He built hundreds of those red bikes.

  • Max

    nobody hates brent except for when he caught that top shelf ball with his bare hands that’s when I hated him but it’s all cool. I’m gonna be there tomorrow, let’s try to group up if we can.

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