Friday Pickup @ Dover

Friday afternoon at 4:00pm @ Colfax and Dover (Whitlock rec center hockey court). The Brickyard Boys will be heading there by 4:00 sharp and won’t leave ’til the sun goes down. Heads up for those who need a ride, Scooter and I can probably give you a lift. Just leave a comment with a phone number and I’ll give you a call.

On a side note, three members of the Mallet Mafia get plenty of screen time on a montage of the Duke City Classic in Santa Fe. See if you can tell who is who and enjoy the music! Props to Alberquerque’s club rep, Brett, for this video… Watch @

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2 responses to “Friday Pickup @ Dover

  • denvermalletmafia

    the brickyard kids are polo addicts. i love it. nice work on your first post max.

  • Max

    no problem. nobody’s left a message so I assume everyone who wants to play today will be able to get here! I’m gonna check back in a little bit.

    if you need a ride to dover just contact a polo homie and we’ll get you out to play some pickup

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