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If you are interested in seeing what Brent, Ben!, Brandon, and Adam presented to the Denver Bike Congress on March 17th, here is a link to the pdf presentation. We stood before them in an effort to bring awareness of bike polo in Denver and to gain the support we need to have our own designated hardcourt. We made some good progress and some good contacts. If you want to get involved with the cause, send an email to denvermalletmafia@gmail.com. DMM will be hosting a table booth at the Bike to Work Day in June, we are looking for a few volunteers to oversee the booth.


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We play Hardcourt Bicycle Polo in Denver, Colorado. This is our web page for scheduling the game of bicycle polo in Denver for Denverites and also any other poloists/istas from across the country. View all posts by denvermalletmafia

8 responses to “Local Polo-tical News

  • bbelk

    good job. keep up the hard work.

  • Dus PHX

    nice work Denver! very thorough!

  • Quaz Dawg

    Did you guys ever emphasize on how it would help tourism, for when we host tourney’s ?

  • denvermalletmafia

    yes quazi we did! we only had about 8 minutes to present our case to them, but we crammed a lot in and we got good feedback. next meeting with the congress is in may and hopefully we can get some resolution as to a court at that time, things just move so slow with the city. Most likely now, we will secure a tennis court, it seems the quickest route to getting our own court. but we are not stopping there! we are shooting for the stars and pressing to build us a rink, it could take awhile, but if you don’t already know, Brent Cruz is the man! and he is spearheading this campaign, and BC makes things happen. word.

  • Puddles

    DMM’s congressional endeavors have the admiration and support of puddles, let me know if you need anything on my end. Brent you are the man, put it is the DMM collaborative that makes it happen. I love Denver Mallet Mafia.

  • max

    love love love the epic presentation. I’ll try to take it easy on BC on the polo court for his epic work off the polo court.

  • rahja

    Im not in any photos but Annie is? More girls in the photos could have scored us a yes on a court idiots! But, for the time you had, you guys did great! Lets aim higher next time!

    “the sky is the limit”
    -lil wayne

  • Dus PHX

    ^^^haha a friend & i made his roomate a lil’ wayne cake for his birthday a few days ago. it was fucking awful.

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