Sante Fe Re:Cap

I heard from a little birdy that Denver just repped their faces off in Sante Fe! Jagwolves (Scooter, Ryan, and Nick(Boulder)) placed 2nd! giving the legends of polo (phoenix 3G) a run for their money who ended up in first. NEWS FLASH::::Denver beats Colorado Springs in tournement play for the second tourny in a row:::::::::::: More details and possibly pictures to follow if someone will hurry up and send them my way.


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  • max

    robin (the main photog from ABQQ) is going to mail me some DVD with photos, I’ll send the best photos via email.

    yes denver gave 3G (PHX) a good run for the money. in fact they matched each other point for point. the only downer is that nicolas had a chance to seal the deal for denver on a breakaway and instead took a midcourt shot that went wide. no hard feelings for nic, but the lesson is learned, IF YOU’RE ON A BREAKAWAY, TAKE IT IN AND DON’T DO NOTHING FANCY!!

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