my wrist got broked

thanks to my janky arse bike for finally giving me a sign that i need a new one. i’m out 4-6 weeks. carry on as you were Denver Hardcourt. 😦



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4 responses to “my wrist got broked

  • max

    PEATS SAKE!! (Brandon just coined a new polo term!)
    feel better adam. 2 week recovery!

  • Brian Belk

    i like the DMM logo in the x-ray. nice touch.
    this is your bike’s fault!? what happened? also, you probably wouldn’t have broken a wrist if you weren’t so limp wristed. you didn’t sprain your vagjeeter also, did you.
    hope it’s not too soon to make a couple of lame jokes.
    wait! this means no Santa Fe for you?

  • denvermalletmafia

    too soon Belk, too soon. haha

  • adam

    update: it actually wasn’t my wrist. after consulting with a orthopedic surgeon, its my scathoid bone, a small bone in the hand. still out 4-6 weeks in a cast. 😦

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