1st anniversary of DMM

LOCATION CHANGE: This is going down at 13th and Emerson!
Due to the fact we are a polo club on a budget, we will be rocking out at 13th and Emerson to honor our roots and welcome new friends. BE THERE!

wow its been a year already?! time to celebrate the conception of hardcourt polo in denver, and the beginning of many of our addictive habits towards the best sport on earth. this will be a fun time for vets and beginners alike, come out and check out bike polo if you haven’t already, rahja will be giving lessons to all you 1st timers.


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We play Hardcourt Bicycle Polo in Denver, Colorado. This is our web page for scheduling the game of bicycle polo in Denver for Denverites and also any other poloists/istas from across the country. View all posts by denvermalletmafia

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