Polo on Saturday

Dover Street and Colfax hockey rink, noonish. weather will be great so no excuses.


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4 responses to “Polo on Saturday

  • Dave

    Hey Brandon did you call the hockey douches and make sure they aren’t going to be there?

  • Max

    Man I feel good about our general skill level, and rahja is finally getting her polo fix on!

  • adam

    ya helluva day on the hardcourt. those brickyard kids are gettin good! oh and the Salvagetti party was off da hook, free beer, free coffee, free stuff for Jeff, good friends and good people drinking beer and talkn bikes. lets hope some of the recruits actually show up to play.

  • rahja

    Ha thanks for the kind words Max. I really enjoyed that practice sess Adam. I feel like I’m coming around FINALLY! Salvagetti party was pimpiin I started the bossy trend, Geoff went on a winning streak, and the skate park was fun too except for that goddamn trust fund hippie girl.
    See ya dudez on Thursday/Saturday

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