DPI 2 ReCap

This weekend Denver team, Mile High Club consisting of Brandon, Adam, and Jeff partnered with Team Low Percentage Shot from Colorado Springs (Tall George, Adam Smith, Nick Applegate) to represent South Central Region in the Desert Polo Invite 2. Top teams from LA and Phoenix were the favorites and delivered, placing in the top 3 spots, 1st LA, 2nd Phoenix, 3rd Phoenix. if you payed any attention to the twitter updates throughout the tourny you probably know that Mile High Club beat a slew of great teams, and I think we represented our city well. We brought physicality, teamwork, and fluidity to the hardcourt, which is how we all do in Denver. We ended up placing 5th (although we did beat the 4th place team twice, 5-1, 5-2) and most importantly faced off against our intercity rivals Low Percentage Shot for the 5th place spot beating them 5-2. I cant emphize more how badass those springs guys are, on and off the hardcourt. Denver polo would not be at the level we are at without those guys. Overall the tournament was a great experience and hopefully we can bring more teams down next year. Thanks to ABQ for housing us on our pit stop to Tempe, im sure were gonna be tangling with them in the near future.


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