Wednesday/Thursday Bike Polo & NEWS!

WEDNESDAY:If your itching for some polo (might wanna get that checked out) you should head on over to Dover Street Hardcourt today around 11am, a few addicts will be getting their fix on. Only unemployed people allowed during this polo session. jk.

THURSDAY: Weather is looking good for Civic Center, i know you hate playing there but until you find somewhere centrally located with lights, STFU. show up around 6pm. Please leave a commment if you think you will be able to attend thursday.


Feb. 20-21 Tempe Bike Polo Tournament (The Desert Polo Invite 2)

Excape the winter! PRP is bringing a couple teams and Adam, Jeff, and Brandon (Denver) are forming a super squad to massacre all fools down in the desert. Its about a 12 hour drive, but you should consider going. The Phoenix people are experienced polo players, and are very gracious hosts (I know from experience, a la the pic above) so it will be a grand ‘ol time im sure. From what I have heard so far, the 2 courts will be parking lots with barriers of some kind.


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