Thursday at the Dov

Special 3pm pick-up games at the Dover Hardcourt, I challenge you to bring your A game.


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8 responses to “Thursday at the Dov

  • adam

    if anyone wants to get involved with the South Central Region governing body and plans for future tourny’s, region organization, and generall direction of where the region is going, get on, there are discussions being had throughout the SC region club reps, regional reps, and concerned bike polo players about all this new and exciting stuff.

    ps. after thursday polo some of us are gonna have some beers and talk about all things polo. so this would also be a good time for everyone to share some of your polo related ideas. i heard its supposed to snow, so if there is no polo due to snow, we will still have the beer drinking and polo talk’n thang.

  • Ben!

    Where is this polo talking going down?

  • BC

    I won’t be able to make 3PM polo, but would definitely be game for some “polo talk” anytime after 5:30PM. Ben! and I have made some grounds with the City regarding permanent locations. We want to update the group and tell everyone next steps.

  • adam

    that is awesome Brent! would love to hear about the progress you have made. 3pm polo was a bit ambituous, it will probably go until about 5:30 considering sunset is 5:13. but oh well. as for location of the polo talk, we were gonna decide after playing at Dover, call Brandon on thursday for the location if you cant make it to Dover.

  • cognation josh

    hey guys. i miss you and polo. broke my collar bone in oct and have been out of the game since. but i am recovered and hope to come down for a game in the next week or two. hope to see you all again soon. i am also planning an alley cat in fort collins in feb that hopefully some of you can make it up for. peace, josh.

  • adam

    FYI: polo is going on as planned, bundle up.

  • adam

    perfect polo weather! total of 3 people showed up. we played make it take it, 1 offender and 2 defenders, you lose the ball you gotta take it back behind the designated line, then you become the offender. fun game when you only got 3 people.

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