MKE Polo sticks

did you see these yet? you gotta buy em cause they are made just for polo, $15.99 a pair. first one to have ’em in Denver wins the coolest person award.



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4 responses to “MKE Polo sticks

  • Jeff the NOD

    Just ordered two. I’ll build em and let the boys hack away. Then report.

  • adam

    thanks jeff, i might have a whack at em, when i get back to PHO next week

  • max

    Jeff already won the coolest person award when he came in town, this just made it official. Ordering two possibly three for brickyard.

    by the way hope everyone has a safe and happy new years eve, I know I will

  • Jeff the NOD

    The verdict is in on the MKE ski poles. Very stiff, not flexy at all. A bit on the heave side. Holds up well, no bends or dents.
    Everyone had a go with these, Adam too. We all agree, don’t powder coat them. Leave’m raw with a MKE sticker on it. Too heavy, too expensive.

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