This week in Polo.

Adam's mallet in Adam's wheel.

Thursday: Civic Center Park. Say what you want about it, but its got reasonable lights and we aren’t going back to the Brickyard. The weather should be nice enough to be outside. Play begins at 6p.

Saturday: As scheduled polo is at the Dover Street Rink. Play begins at noon.

Sunday: Bike Denver is having a group ride celebrating the winter solstice on Sunday. The ride departs from City Park at 6:00p and is heading to the Handlebar and Grill for an after party. Bike Denver does an AWESOME, awesome job of promoting cycling within Denver and has been a good friend to the Denver Mallet Mafia, so it would be awesome if we showed up to support them. I know I will be showing up (riding the pink bird) and I hope you join me there. For more information check out the Bike Denver blog post about the event.

Polo on friends. Ben!


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7 responses to “This week in Polo.

  • adam

    oh man i wish i was in denver to woop up some fools at Dover Street

  • Dave

    So is there going to be Sunday polo before the Bike Denver event?? Also, can I catch a ride with you Benjamin for Saturday? I am officially coming on Saturday….screw skiing!

  • max

    RE: Winter SOCAL Bike Polo Picnic
    “Alex Dash here, listen I got bad news. I totally fucked up the cap on teams. It’s my fault, I didnt keep a straight record of the local teams and people who signed up with me very early on outside of This was totally my bad and I sincerely regret having to uninvite you guys, but I have no choice. It filled up before I even realized it, which is to say way faster than I could have imagined. We have over 24 teams. I would be happy to put your squad at the top of the wait list in the event some of the teams that have signed up cannot attend. As it is I’m decimating the ranks of in-state teams to allow more out of towners. It’s leading to some very hard choices and even though I had you in earlier on .ca, I have to rescind that. Please accept my apologies and know that next year, or if we have another tourney sooner you will get priority, and a private invite before I post publicly. Basically at this time please hold off on airfare for nowand if I can revise the cap I will let u know immediately. I have room for Adam’s team but no more from Denver so if u wish to join his squad yer ok, other than that, Im sorry.”

    Adam, are you already registered for this tourney? what was your squad looking like (from denver)

  • adam

    as mentioned by Alex, its looks like we will be sending only 1 Denver team. Max, if you got a team set up and airfare and all that stuff planned out, you can take the spot. otherwise I will try to form a team. We gotta get the top people for this cause its gonna be a tough tourny, with the Seattle, SF, and Canadian teams reppn.

  • max

    It sounds like a tough tourney from what adam said. we’ll figure it out hopefully soon so we can arrange accommodations for the team who can attend.

    Also, if we can only send one team, would anyone else want to consider going to other tourneys i.e. stl lock in, etc.

  • max

    tempe tourney looks ok, although driving further than como looks kind of brutal. my birthday occurs on that weekend too

  • denvermalletmafia

    IF U NEED A RIDE TO POLO CALLL THE HOTLINE 240-DMM-POLO we will get you there!

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