To all DMM players:

as you all know the Hardcourt polo governing body is in the process of being formed. We need to determine a city rep to be the communications point between the regional reps, and the rest of the DMM polo club. The city rep will basically be the middleman between the local players and the organizing body, and vice-versa, as well as listening and helping facilitate decisions for the region schedules, events, etc. possibly helping out with region events from time to time. The city rep will pass down ideas the rest of the club has about any opinions they want expressed, as opposed to a random rant on .ca about how you feel about something, that will most likely go unresolved. the city reps from our region (CO, WY, TX, AR, LA, OK, KA) will then vote on 3 region reps. Those reps will be chosen based on criteria such as, length of playing polo, experience hosting tournaments, leadership, attitude, etc.

please let me emphasis:
the city rep will merely work with the region to further the sport as a governing body, with feedback from the club. he/she will be working with direction from the local players. As it is now, local events, tournaments, court location decisions/locking down our own court, blog postings, facebook posting, local club decisions, are all going to remain as a group effort. players within DMM have some great connections within the community, and those people will continue to be integral parts of growing bike polo in Denver. there roles will NOT be diminished just because there is a city rep. if we could all be city reps, that would be awesome, but not practical. if you have any questions please forward them to Rob in Austin, he is the Austin rep and is coordinating this regional voting process. Find Rob here.

If you want to put up your bid for city rep leave a comment with your credentials on this post. if you want to vote on someone leave a comment with your vote. we need to decide asap, so lets make the polls close wednesday at midnight.


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