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what an amazing weekend! im so glad so many Denver polo players decided to make the trip to Columbia, Missouri for the tournament. Many cool things happened and we are all super proud of Al Borlin’s Revenge, for making it the furthest in the brackets. that team consisted of Jeff, Brandon, and Austin. We are probably one of the youngest clubs out there and by just attending we are showing everyone we are serious about polo and we will soon be a force. We left Denver at 5pm, arrived in Columbia at the court at 6am! and started playing bike polo, now that is dedication. Here are a couple DMM crew members reactions from the weekend:

Brent Cruz:
“Epic. This was my first major bike polo tournament, and it blew me away. (But not in the Bike Porn way.) The intensity was awe-inspiring and definitely contagious. It was well-organized and all players were taken care of by the COMO hosts. To be surrounded by hundreds of others that have the same passion for bicycles and bike polo is tremendous. Biking on the main court and being watched, heckled and cheered was crazy fun. In addition to meeting great people from other cities, being able to journey to Columbia (and being 6-inches away from getting t-boned by a deer at 85mph) and hanging with the marvelous Denver clan was the best way to spend the weekend.”

I think the best thing to say about the experience was getting to hang out as the Denver crew among many other well established crews. Denver had their own little thing going on but we said hi to pretty much everyone. Lexington, Chicago, Milwaukee, COMO, ATX, and Even PHX were all good friends to us throughout the weekend. This weekend started on a great note too…
It started when we showed up at dawn and found Milwaukee already holding up the courts. Dawn pickup games? Sure! Then COMO guys came and said hello (remember the Golden tournament? I do) and it was like meeting old friends. The ATX crew was more than happy to see us, after we had visited their tournament. They did pretty well too. I personally met quite a few people from Kentucky and thought they were some really genuine human beings. The tournament had everyone chilling and watching, and commingling with each other. (max’s story shortened due to space limitations)

First off the van ride there was quite the adventure with 8 guys and (me) the only girl; so 9 passengers total. The ride there was fucking fun, drinkin, talkin polo. Let me inform you that our hitch bent with all the bikes and we had to take them all apart and shove them in the back of the van. We drove all night and morning and arrived in COMO polo land! The party began and the polo went on, and we raged the court hard. Yes, the last game it’s true; I was drunk and got pretty beat up by those polo boys. I stayed happy and nice to mostly everyone until on the way back we ran out of gas right once we got a little bit into Colorado. I almost wanted to beat everyone up for being an asshole. THE END.


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