Weekend Re-Cap

Wow, if you didnt have fun this weekend, your a loser. SOOO many cool things happened. The BFF looked to be a huge success, I must say props to Jen for making that run smooth and silky. If you were lucky enough to find the bike porn dungeon you may or may have not been in a state of shock all weekend. Thanks to the bike smut guys for taking a stop here in Denver and peddling their film for us, i will never look at drop handlebars the same way again. Of course the Halloween 2on2 was a blast! Springs brought their A-game and so did Denver (results below). So many chicks came through for the Femalleycat, DMM’s very own Rahja Nagel, came in 13th out of 25 racers. not bad for her first race! on a personal note, I can not stop thinking about bike polo, i mean seriously, i woke up at 2am last night screaming “Bottom Bracket!!!” that must mean its’s time for Midwest’s. I think we are as ready as we will ever be. time to go to Columbia and put Denver on the polo map.

Halloween 2 on 2 results:

1st Place: CO Springs- tall George & Seth
2nd Place: CO Springs- Dallas & Collin
3rd Place: Denver- Adam & David

13 teams showed up and the tourny was a great success! Special thanks to Leader Bikes for donating the prizes, and everyone who helped organize. pictures to come soon. It was great to see all the Femalleycat racers come through and shoot a goal for their checkpoint task, hope to see them back for some more polo.



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