Femalleycat checkpoint at the polo grounds on Saturday

the girls will be racing through our court for one of their checkpoints, so make sure to show up and cheer them on.

the boys will be playing a tournament with a few donated prizes, depending on how many people show up, we might do 2×2 style. pick up polo starts at noon, tourny starts after the girls ride through.


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13 responses to “Femalleycat checkpoint at the polo grounds on Saturday

  • rahja

    It’s about time you post this!
    xox<3vrooom femalley cat.

    • denvermalletmafia

      memo to tourney participants:

      re: goalies

      1) it has been confirmed that footlong mallets will not be allowed.

      2) upon consulting with local players in Columbia, a dedicated goalie is not recommended, a foot down from goal is a major penalty, as in it is 90 feet to dab.

      3) frame triangle blockage is not allowed.

  • brento

    had a feeling the footlong was just too large and probing to be true… ben and I will adjust to a more shriveled length.

  • Ben!

    What is the max length of a mallet head?

    Also, I think those rules are stupid.

  • Ben!

    I just read the thread for myself, and those rules are in fact, not that stupid.


    Nothing about the mallet size there.


  • adam

    mallet size rule is more of a generally accepted rule. there is some variances in width for bike polo mallet heads. but just as in hockey, there is a standard across the board. i think everyone (people who take polo way to seriously) agree that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. plus, on a court this size, the goalie will not be as critical position as they are on a smaller court.

  • Ben!

    You tell me what size mallet head you think I can get away with and I will have it ready for Thursday.

    Also, we should try and practice as close to the 180 x 90 dimensions as possible, on Saturday at the very least.

  • rahja

    The rules also state: Helmets are a must.
    I say yeah right!
    … A little aggravated.

  • adam

    helmets are a must because they heard Max was coming.

  • Dave

    Anyone have an extra size Large helmet? I could wear my ski helmet but it would look ridiculous. not looking forward to buying a helmet to wear once but oh well.

  • loon

    Dave: Easy fix, thrift store. Hilarious vintage helmets.

  • Dave

    yeah that is exactly what I was thinking.

  • David

    LOON! you should come to the 2 vs. 2 tourney this Saturday. I haven’t seen you in forever.

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