Help support DMM for their trip to Midwest’s!

To raise money for gas we made a few mallets to sell. all proceeds go to gas for anyone traveling to Columbia, Missouri for the 7th Annual Midwest tournament. help support the team and get yourself a great mallet for only $15.

The Assassinator
“The Assassinator” A blood orange 37″ shaft with a 9 degree wedge on one side and 7 degrees on the other. this is the all purpose mallet you have always dreamed of. With a comfortable grip and all new patented “top-shaft dampener technology” your hand never gets sore. The Assassinator shuffles great and face-hits as accurate as a lone gunman on a grassy knoll. (This is a great beginner level mallet.)

**”top-shaft dampener technology” is a system that adds comfort to the top of your shaft, you all know the pain associated when balancing with your mallet during goalie play, well this eliminates that pain.

The L Word
“The L Word” a 38″ shaft and an offset 8 degree/flat head, this innovation in mallet technology has not gone unnoticed by the top polo pros of the world. Originally developed by some dude in Canada, The L word gives you ultimate control and versatility for any situation you find yourself in on the court. Notice the padded grip and “top-shaft dampener technology”, your hands will never get tired gripping this shaft. (This is a great intermediate-advanced level mallet.)

**this mallet is customizable, you can cut length off the head if you end up not liking the offset design

The Zelda
If Link played bike polo, this is the mallet he would use. “The Zelda” is as beautiful as it is deadly, a 35″ shaft with a 7 degree/flat head, strikes fear into its opponents on the hardcourt. Its original design has proven timeless, and scores high in ball control-ability and goal shot accuracy. If you must own only 1 mallet, this is it. (This is a great beginner level mallet.)


The Shorty
“The Shorty”, is a ball dribblers dream stick. At only 32″ long you have the control you always wanted. a double flat head allows for dead-on goal striking ability, and ultra-lightweight design combined with “top-shaft dampener technology” this is a great tool for anyone to have in their mallet arsenal. (This is a great mallet for all skill levels)

*To purchase a mallet send $15 paypal to If you live in Denver we can bring to a pickup game and you can pay cash, or whatever works for you. Send an email to to let us know which one you want.
*Out of state orders include $7 shipping and include your address you want shipped to.


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